‘Counting On’ Fans Want Jana Duggar to Make a Career Out of This Hobby

Jana Duggar has long been one of the most interesting Duggars for her lifestyle choice of deciding not to marry young like her siblings. Since then, she’s been exploring different hobbies, such as traveling, home decorating, and drinking coffee (in Duggar’s world, that counts). Though the Duggar women typically don’t hold jobs, recent photos have fans calling for Duggar to take up something new and entirely shift her focus.

Jana Duggar (far right) with three of her sisters
Jana Duggar (far right) with three of her sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar has enjoyed exploring new hobbies while remaining unmarried

Though many fans have questioned why Duggar hasn’t tied the knot yet, she seems to pay no mind to what others think. Most Duggars wed at a very young age; some were only teenagers when they were married. But the oldest Duggar daughter has chosen to take a different approach to life; she’s decided to remain unmarried. And though she hasn’t ever said exactly why, she has shown fans that she doesn’t need to be married to enjoy life. Duggar has taken up new hobbies, including home decorating and gardening, that have given her a different type of purpose in life. She’s also had the opportunity to travel to different places around the U.S. and has documented her life through social media.

Duggar has said that she’s been able to do things her married siblings haven’t

Earlier this season on Counting On, Duggar explained that, while her siblings seem to love married life, she has been able to do things that they haven’t. Duggar said that she’s had many opportunities to travel while her siblings have had to stay home because of their young families. Recently, the Duggars took a trip to California, and Jessa, Joy, Joe, and Josiah Duggar all stayed home, presumably because of pregnancies and young kids.

Now, some are calling for her to organize closets

Duggar loves documenting her life on social media. In the past, fans have called for her to take up home decorating or gardening as a job (some have even wanted her to have her own show). But after seeing Duggar’s recent Instagram photos, some want her to organize their closets. Duggar recently posted several photos to Instagram explaining that she had cleaned out her closet. She made a pile for the clothes she’s worn in the last two months, the clothes she hasn’t worn but might still keep, and the clothes she definitely wants to give away.

“Some day I hope to be as organized as you are!” Anna Duggar commented. “You are one multi talented lady,” someone else added. “I need help doing that,” another user wrote. It’s clear people were impressed with Duggar’s take on organization.

Fans recently realized that Duggar men can leave home before women

While Duggar has seemed to enjoy finding new hobbies at home, fans recently realized that Duggar isn’t treated the same as her brothers. Jedidiah Duggar, who announced a run for public office earlier this year, said in a statement that he no longer lives at the Duggar home. However, Jed Duggar is younger than his sister and also not married or courting. It seems that women are always given a tighter leash in the Duggar family than men. Though fans weren’t happy about it, Duggar doesn’t seem to mind life under her parents’ roof.