‘Counting On’: Have You Ever Noticed How Seriously Messy the Duggar Family Is?

It would seem that the Duggar family has a lot to hide. With a federal investigation looming over their heads, the supersized clan has been busy making sure everything looks completely normal from an outside perspective. While the Duggars have been pretty skilled at sweeping problems under the rug, they haven’t been particularly skilled at hiding their actual messes. The Duggar family, specifically the adult Duggar kids are super messy. Have you ever noticed it?

Jessa was lambasted for a pile of dirty diapers

Keeping kids alive and thriving is no easy task. Every parent is forced to prioritize and cut corners, but many found Jessa Duggar’s decision to keep a stack of dirty diapers piled up on her nightstand to be an odd chore to let slip. Back in 2017, Jessa took to Facebook to see if any moms could relate to her filthy house, while plenty of parents understand a mess is a fact of life with children, no one thought her dirty diaper mountain was funny, according to iHeart Radio.

Along with dirty diapers, Jessa shared photos of dusty bedside tables and smudged mirrors. The cleanliness thing hasn’t gotten much better for the mother of three, either. The dust still piles up in the Seewald household, and, according to Ben Seewald, homecooked, sitdown meals aren’t on the menu all that often. If Ben wants to sit with his family for dinner, he’s going to be the one cooking it, he claimed at a recent marriage retreat.

Jill isn’t much of a housekeeper either

Jill Duggar’s housekeeping skills leave something to be desired, too. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard might have a brand new home, but they aren’t doing any better with the clutter now that they are in a somewhat spacious abode. Before moving into their home, without the help of the Duggar clan, their living accommodations were crowded and cluttered. Books, toys, and clothes were strewn across the floor. While most people assumed the clutter was due to a cramped space, it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

Jill regularly shares pictures of her kids getting into mischief, and nothing ever seems orderly in Jill’s home. Toys are frequently thrown around, and the kids appear to have free reign of the entire property. That’s nothing new though, In Touch notes that Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar’s kids like to wreak havoc, too. Anna has shared more than a few photos of her young children standing on the counters.

Maybe a life of being forced to clean up has left rebellious

The Duggar kids aren’t just garden-variety messy. Jessa’s home, in particular, seems to border on filthy most of the time. Followers have noted that it makes almost absolutely no sense; after all, Jessa and her cohort were forced to clean up in the house they grew up in, but maybe that’s part of the problem. From a young age, each Duggar was given a “jurisdiction.”

A jurisdiction, in the Duggar world, is a section of the home or a chore that a child is responsible for. For example, Jessa was once accountable for administering school assignments, while Jinger hung out in the laundry room for round-the-clock washing and folding. A Duggar kid was even responsible for keeping Jim Bob and Michelle’s bedroom clean. Could it be, now that they are out on their own, they are letting the chores slip because no one is telling them they have to do them?