‘Counting On’: How Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s House Breaks a Duggar Rule

The Duggar family has been one to follow along with for years, from their first show 19 Kids and Counting to the spin-off Counting On.

Following the older Duggar children and their new families, Counting On has been a fan favorite. And it seems fans get the most excited every time a Duggar child — the girls especially — break a family rule. The latest to potentially break a rule? Jessa and Ben Seewald.

The Duggar family
The Duggar children | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald

Jessa was the first Duggar girl to court, although she wasn’t the first to get married. When she did marry Ben, they immediately started their family. Their newest addition is baby girl Ivy Jane. With two boys before her, she’s the first girl to join the family in their small, two-bedroom house. A house that little would be a problem for any family, but it could be a real problem for Jessa and Ben. 

The Duggar rules

Rules are a big part of the Duggar lifestyle. They are known for their strict and restrictive rules that also mean their girls must be quite submissive. None of the Duggar girls have finished college, as they were raised to believe the men are the breadwinners, and they should raise children.

They can’t kiss or even hold hands before marriage, although it’s thought that some of these rules have loosened up a bit. But other rules abound while under the Duggar roof, like not wearing pants for the women, no beaches allowed, no boys staring at pretty girls, no dancing, limited access to media and TV, and no drinking.

As they’ve left the nest, though, the Duggar children have been caught a time or two defying mom and dad. That’s normal, right?

Will Jessa and Ben break a rule?

Jessa is one of the more outspoken girls in the family. Maybe that’s part of why she’s a fan favorite and had fans worried when they thought she was leaving the show.

She’s considered breaking the rules before and even has a time or two. Like when she wanted a hospital birth instead of home birth for Ivy Jane. She may do it again, too, but this time it has to do with opposite genders not sharing a room. With a two-bedroom house, Ivy Jane is fine in her crib in Jessa and Ben’s room, but what about when it’s time for her own room? Will she share it with her brothers?

They don’t seem to be moving anytime soon. And Jessa’s already expressed that it’s difficult in a smaller house as they share one closet for the whole family.

House renovations 

Maybe they aren’t moving at this time, but they did just complete some renovations on their house. With the help of her brothers, they added a deck to the house in time for the baby’s arrival.

Fans all thought they’d for sure add a room as all three kids are going to be pretty cramped in one room, not to mention that whole rule-breaking issue. Some even pointed out that if she follows her pattern, she’ll be pregnant again by the time Ivy Jane is 2.

With brothers who know carpentry so well and even flip homes, it’s definitely an interesting choice that they didn’t add a room or move. Maybe it had something to do with their finances, which they’ve disagreed over on the show before. Whatever the reason, they stayed.

What’s to come for the Duggar family

Whether or not Ben and Jessa break the rule or move, one thing’s for sure. Ben’s made it clear he doesn’t want 19 kids, so at least they won’t need that much bigger of a house. Stay tuned to Cheat Sheet for the latest on the Duggars!