‘Counting On’: Is Derick Dillard Planning to Sue TLC?

Shots have been fired on Twitter, and Derick Dillard is the man who took the first shot. The former reality TV star took some time off from his law school studies to spill the tea, and he didn’t make his father-in-law and former employer look good. He ended his social media time by suggesting TLC needed to lawyer up, leading some fans to believe the father of two is planning to sue the network. His statements have all but confirmed that there is a major familial rift between the Dillard family and the Duggar family.

What did Derick have to say about TLC on Twitter?

Derick isn’t holding anything back. For months, fans have surmised that there was a secret rift between Jill Duggar and Derick and the rest of the Duggar clan. The family of four hasn’t shown up in family photos, and they weren’t present for a family vacation. Now, Derick has pretty much confirmed the rift by speaking out, not only against TLC (that’s nothing new) but against Jim Bob Duggar, too.

In his Twitter post, Derick suggested that Jim Bob negotiated all contracts with TLC for both Counting On the shows predecessor, 19 Kids and Counting. He also claimed that Jim Bob didn’t tell any of the adult children about the contracts he negotiated. Derick has long suggested he and Jill volunteered for filming, meaning they never received paychecks from TLC. He went on to indicate that a storm is “inevitable” and advised the network to lawyer up as if they don’t have a full-time team of lawyers already.

Could the former reality TV star sue the network?

Some fans believe that Derick’s statements suggest he plans to sue the media giant, but could that really happen? Derick didn’t go into specifics, but it’s unlikely that a network like TLC would film the couple without them both signing release forms. If Derick and Jill signed releases, there really is nothing that can be done on their part. At least, they probably don’t have a case against the production company.

Derick Dillard visits "Extra" at their New York studios
Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

It’s possible that Derick could legally go after his father-in-law if there is reason to believe he withheld wages that were earmarked for the couple, but that’s another legal grey area. While Jim Bob often comes off as rather dim on television, he’s a reasonably accomplished businessman. It’s probably that Jim Bob placed all of the money earned from the show in a trust. Last year, rumors swirled that Jeremy and Jinger signed a private contract to continue appearing on the family’s show. The buzz began on Reddit but has never been substantiated.

Is Derick feuding with the Duggars?

Well, if Derick was not feuding with Jim Bob before, he certainly is now. His activity on Twitter seems a bit suspicious. Is it possible something new happened within the family to prompt Derick to take aim at the family patriarch? It’s been a pretty busy time in Duggarland lately. Both Kendra Caldwell, who is married to Joseph Duggar, and Lauren Swanson, who married Josiah Duggar last year, welcomed new additions. Kendra gave birth to her second child, Addison, on Nov. 4. Lauren and Josiah welcomed their rainbow baby, Bella, on Nov. 8. The family is also awaiting the arrival of Josh and Anna Duggar’s sixth child. She is due in the coming days. Abbie Burnett, who married John David in November 2018, is expecting the couple’s first child in January.

With all of the new arrivals, the Duggar family hasn’t mentioned Derick or his wife recently. Jill, who is active on Instagram, congratulated Joe and Kendra on the birth of their first daughter. She did not take to the social media platform to extend a welcome to Josiah and Lauren’s daughter, though. While Derick has spoken out on Twitter about TLC before, this is the first time he’s taken such an obviously negative stance on his father-in-law. If Jill approved the tweets, it’s safe to say she, too, is on the outs with her family.