‘Counting On’: Is Family Drama The Real Reason Jill and Derick are Holding Off On Having More Kids?

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar rushed to the alter in 2014 and quickly began having children. Within one year of their wedding date, the couple welcomed their first son, Israel. Sam Dillard, the couple’s second child, was born in 2017. Fans initially thought the couple would have a large family, but things slowed down after Sam’s birth. An additional pregnancy has not been announced since. Fans have spent several months speculating about Jill and Derick’s family planning, but no one seemed to think family issues were at play for their small family size. Derick’s recent Instagram comments might suggest otherwise, though.

Derick’s Instagram comments hint at serious familial strife

During the leadup to Christmas, Derick took to Instagram to answer some questions in the comment section of one of his posts. While Derick regularly replies to fans, his correspondence took an interesting turn when he began alluding to serious family drama. Derick dropped some serious bombshells that painted the Duggar family in a very negative light.

Aside from suggesting that Jill was all but forced to continue performing on television, he appears to be the first person within the family to refer to Jill as a victim of abuse. Jill, along with several of her sisters, were molested by their eldest brother when they were children. The bombshell rocked the reality TV world and led to the cancelation of the family’s show 19 Kids and Counting, but it wouldn’t be long before they were back on TLC with a rebranded reality offering.

Derick also alleges that the family compound, located on Arbor Acres Avenue in Arkansas, is a locked fortress. He stated that neither he nor his wife is allowed to visit the family estate unless the family’s patriarch is at home. While all of his comments were interesting, one, in particular, has made fans think Derick and Jill are avoiding having children until they work through some trauma.

Are Derick and Jill preventing pregnancy while they work through family drama?

Fans have several theories about Jill’s lack of pregnancy announcements, but Derick’s recent Instagram admissions might actually give fans a definitive answer. Derick noted that he and Jill have become “enlightened” and are actively working through things. It would seem, based on what Derick has said on both Instagram and Twitter, that Jill was left pretty traumatized in 2015 when news of Josh’s molestation of his sisters was made public.

In fact, Derick noted that Jill didn’t want to continue filming, but was seemingly forced to under the threat of lawsuits. How true that is, no one really knows, but if that is the case, the young couple may be waiting to add to their family until things settle down, and they work through what has happened to the family in the last several years. Neither Derick nor Jill have commented directly on that theory, though.

If that’s the case, however, it looks like they’ll have a lot more to work through. Reddit fans theorize that Derick is taking a “scorched earth” approach to dealing with familial drama, and he may be isolating Jill further from her family. The reason for such an approach is unknown, but it seems such a serious rift within a tightly-knit family would take a long time to get over.

Fans have other theories about Jill’s lack of pregnancies

While family drama might be playing into the couple’s decision to avoid pregnancy, there may be other reasons beyond their control. Fans have long wondered if Sam’s traumatic birth may have caused medical complications that don’t make it possible for Jill to carry another pregnancy. According to In Touch, Jill labored for 40 hours before Sam was delivered by emergency c-section. He spent several weeks in the NICU as well, although neither Jill nor Derick have ever confirmed the exact complications that Sam suffered at the time of his birth.

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Other fans believe the couple is purposefully limiting their family via birth control. Derick set the internet on fire in August 2019 when he seemingly admitted he and his wife were using birth control. While Derick never came right out and said they were using a contraceptive, he stated that he never said they were against it, and even suggest his own parents used preventative methods to space out their children.