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We might have another Duggar courtship on our hands on the new season of Counting On. For the past few months, rumors have been mounting that Jedidiah Duggar is courting Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell. But is there any truth to the rumors surrounding Duggar and Caldwell’s reported romance?

Jedidiah Duggar Counting On Instagram
‘Counting On’ star Jedidiah Duggar | Photo by Jed Duggar/Instagram

Inside Jedidiah Duggar and Lauren Caldwell’s courtship

Duggar has not said anything about a potential romance between him and Caldwell, whose older sister is married to his brother, Joseph Duggar. But there are signs that a potential courtship is brewing.

For starters, Duggar has been spotted hanging out with the Caldwells on multiple occasions. In fact, the two families are close and have spent a lot of time together in the past. Caldwell’s father, Paul Caldwell, even pastors the church that the Duggars attend, which is probably a huge deal for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Secondly, Jedidiah Duggar doesn’t have a lot of options at his disposal, especially considering his sheltered life at home and his strict religious upbringing. Members of the Duggar family have courted and married friends of the family in the past, and with Caldwell being available, a romance between the two is not a far stretch.

After all, there is already one member of the Duggar clan who has married a Caldwell, so why not another? Unfortunately, both families have kept a tight lid on things, making it difficult to tell if the two are actually courting. But there is some evidence that might back up these claims – at least on the surface.

Is Duggar courting Lauren Caldwell?

The rumors of a brewing romance between Duggar and Caldwell heated up after he shared a photo of himself on Instagram.  The pic featured the Counting On star hanging out with some friends at a local coffee shop.

Although there is nothing notable about the photo, the fact that Jedidiah Duggar now has an Instagram account could be evidence that he has started courting.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, members of the Duggar family usually do not get on social media until after they have courted someone or tied the knot.

So Duggar getting his own Instagram account could mean that he is in a relationship. Whether or not the mystery woman is Caldwell, of course, is another matter.

There is also a chance that Duggar’s social media activity does not mean that he is in a romantic relationship of any kind.

Jana Duggar, for instance, recently opened her own Instagram account and has yet to start a serious relationship. She has, however, courted men in the past so perhaps she is just the exception to the rule. It is interesting to note that Duggar’s twin, Jeremiah Duggar, has not started an Instagram page of his own.

Fans react to Jedidiah Duggar’s new Instagram account

Counting On fans were naturally curious about Duggar’s new Instagram account and took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the situation. After Duggar posted a photo of a family portrait, several fans asked why he recently started an Instagram account of his own.

One fan suggested that his new account was started because he is courting someone, though Duggar refused to comment back.

During a recent episode of Counting On, Jedidiah Duggar admitted that he is currently on the hunt for love. During a confessional, he revealed that he wants to find a woman who is just as religious as himself and respects their parents.

Nothing has been made official, but there is no denying that Caldwell fits the bill.

If Caldwell and Duggar are courting, we can only hope that TLC cameras were on hand to capture the early days of their romance. It could also mean that another Duggar wedding is on the horizon, which is definitely something to look forward to.

Duggar has yet to comment about his rumored romance with Caldwell.

Caldwell’s older sister, meanwhile, is currently expecting her second child next month.

Fans can watch Jedidiah Duggar in action when new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.