‘Counting On’: Is Jim Bob Duggar Feuding With His Famous Kids?

A lack of social media love for Jim Bob Duggar may mean that the Duggar family is feuding once again. If you follow any members of the Duggar family on social media, you are familiar with how much they love to gush about each other. 

Usually, they are focused on major life events like marriages and pregnancies, but there are times when the Counting On stars brag about how great their parents Jim Bob and Michelle are or how they are lucky to have such amazing spouses and kids.

Jim Bob Duggar
Jim Bob Duggar | Photo by Kris Connor/WireImage

When Father’s Day 2019 rolled around, fans were expecting an outpouring of love from the Duggars towards family patriarch Jim Bob. But shockingly, very few members of the family bothered to mention him on social media. Is there a Duggar family feud going on?

Jana Duggar had a lot to say about her dad

Oldest Duggar daughter Jana is new to social media, and that meant Father’s Day 2019 was her first chance to celebrate her dad on Instagram. It’s an understatement to say that she didn’t let the opportunity pass her by.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Jana posted a pic of herself with Jim Bob Duggar and wrote in the caption that he is the most wonderful dad in the world. She credited him with teaching her how to tile floors, do basic plumbing and electrical, paint, and perform basic car maintenance.

The list didn’t stop there. She also shared that Jim Bob taught her how to drive, helped her buy her first car, and how to negotiate a good deal. She called Jim Bob a “giver” who was never afraid to push his kids out of their comfort zone.

“He’s my Daddy and I’m his little girl,” wrote the 29-year-old. “Couldn’t have prayed for a better Dad and can only hope to find a man like him to marry someday!! Daddy—Happy Father’s Day from your little girl! I love you so much!”

Jill Duggar praised her dad, husband, and late father-in-law

Jill Duggar didn’t forget about her dad, either. She posted a couple of throwback photos of herself with Jim Bob Duggar when she was a little girl. She added a picture of her husband, Derick Dillard, celebrating Father’s Day with their two boys, Israel and Samuel.

In the caption, she called her husband and father “two wonderful men,” and then added multiple hashtags and emojis representing every single member of her immediate family (parents, siblings, spouse, and kids).

Jill also posted pictures of the Dillards visiting the grave of Derick’s late father, Rick, who died in 2008.

Jinger Duggar

Newly-blonde Jinger Duggar got in on the Father’s Day celebration by giving a shout out to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. She posted pics of Vuolo with their 11-month-old daughter, Felicity, and she also added some old-school photos of Jim Bob holding her when she was a baby.

Jinger called her husband and father “incredible men,” and she also posted new pics of her dad with Felicity that she took while they were in town for Grandma Mary’s funeral.

Everyone else in the family forgot about Jim Bob Duggar

The official Duggar Family Instagram account did post a pic of Jim Bob and wished him a Happy Father’s Day, but the rest of the kids in the family made no mention of their dad on their individual pages.

Anna Duggar didn’t mention her husband Josh or her father-in-law, and there was nothing from Joy-Anna or Jessa. The boys stayed silent, too, as with no posts from Josiah, Joseph, or John David.

Could this mean that there is some trouble brewing in the family? While this is possible, chances are many of the kids in the family are grieving over the sudden death of their grandmother, Mary. Many of the Duggar siblings have posted sweet tributes to Mary since she died at her home due to accidental drowning on June 9th.

The family laid her to rest on Monday, June 17th, one day after Father’s Day.