‘Counting On’: Is Jinger Duggar Low Key Hinting at a Pregnancy on Instagram?

The Duggar family baby boom is in full swing. Kendra Caldwell, Lauren Swanson, and Anna Duggar all gave birth to baby girls in November 2019. Kendra welcomed baby Addison with her husband, Joseph Duggar, on Nov. 4, while Lauren and Josiah Duggar welcomed their first daughter four days later. Anna announced the birth of her sixth child with Josh Duggar on Nov. 27. It would appear that the only pregnant Duggar left is Abbie Burnett, but now fans think Jinger Duggar is hiding a bun in the oven, and strangely enough, they believe her Instagram feed is lowkey hinting at an upcoming Vuolo baby.

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant?

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, appear to be planning their family a bit more than Jinger’s siblings. While Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Joy-Anna Duggar all welcomed their first babies within a year of their wedding dates, Jinger and Jeremy waited well over a year to announce their first pregnancy. Now that Felicity is a year and a half old, fans are keeping a close eye on the family. Many believe Jinger is currently pregnant.

The family, however, has not announced an upcoming baby though. That might not mean Jinger isn’t currently expecting. Jinger waited until her first trimester was nearly over before announcing she was expecting her first child. She may do the same the second time around.

What are the Instagram hints that fans are freaking out over?

Two recent photos of Jinger and Jeremy have fans pretty sure they are awaiting the birth of their second child. In a recent Thanksgiving post, fans believe they see the makings of a baby bump on Jinger. To be fair, it isn’t the first time an alleged bump was detected that didn’t actually exist. Clad in a black top, fans believe Jinger is trying to hide her bump. Another photo of Jinger wearing a sweatshirt has given some fans pause, too.

There are more to the hints than an alleged baby bump, though. Several fans have pointed out that Jinger has been posting about “baking” an awful lot lately.  On Dec. 2, Jinger shared a photo of donuts and noted how they are “baked” instead of fried. On Nov. 27, the day Anna gave birth to Maryella, Jinger once again referenced baking, sharing a photo of her homemade pumpkin spice muffins. Could her obsession with baking mean she has a bun in her oven? We suppose it is possible, or maybe she’s just enjoying sweet treats lately.

Jinger’s deviation from coffee was not a clue

Before Felicity turned one, Jinger admitted to her fans that she had cut out coffee for health reasons. The caffeine fiend was so enamored with the hot beverage that she had her wedding guests shower her and her new husbands with beans as they walked out of the church. When she announced her abstinence from all coffee products, many believed she was pregnant. There was no baby on board,  though.

Jinger gave up coffee for health reasons, although she never elaborated on what the health issue was. Several fans on Reddit have noted that coffee, when consumed in high doses, can cause heart palpitations and anxiousness. Giving up caffeine, however, would give Jinger a jump on pregnancy.

If she were pregnant again, not being addicted to coffee could only help as she moves through the early stages of pregnancy. For now, it looks like Jinger is not expecting, but as with any Duggar, that could change at any moment.