‘Counting On’: Is Joy-Anna Duggar Already Prepping Her Son for a Career as a Handyman?

This season of Counting On has featured many of our favorite Duggar family members, including Jessa, Jana, Jinger, and of course, Joy-Anna. Joy-Anna wasn’t always in the spotlight, as she’s younger than her more famous siblings, but she’s gaining traction with her audience thanks to her hefty Instagram following.

Her social media presence features updates on her life with husband Austin Forsyth and son Gideon. And while she seemed to gather the most attention after posting photos from her miscarriage, it’s her home projects that have fans thinking she’s actually quite handy.

Gideon’s only a year old, but Joy-Anna recently posted a photo of her son to Instagram with a caption that’s making us think he’ll go into the handyman business just like his parents. Here’s what she shared.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are fixing up homes to sell

Aside from the money they earn from reality TV, it’s largely unclear how many of the Duggars make a living. But Joy-Anna and Austin have shared how they’re generating income with their followers — and it’s through flipping homes.

“House projects are really good for couples to do together,” Joy-Anna said in a clip from Counting On years ago. In the clip, Austin is showing Joy how to use some of the power tools. “If she doesn’t know how to do it, you can just show her real quick and she can figure it out and become better than you at it,” Austin said.

Presently, Joy-Anna and Austin have been building a new home to sell, as Joy explained in an Instagram video. “First of all, we just started building a new house to sell, not for us to live in, but we did one last year and we did really well and so we’re excited to be starting another one,” she said.

They’re living in a camper with their young son, Gideon

Since Joy-Anna and Austin are so involved with home projects, they’ve also shared their current living situation — and it’s not what many would expect.

In the video of her home projects Joy-Anna shared to Instagram, she explained that she, Austin, and Gideon are residing in a camper. “A bunch of you guys have been asking what Austin and I are doing and where we’re living, and so I wanted to give you guys an update,” she said while panning over to the 32-foot vehicle.

Since that glimpse of their home, Joy-Anna has offered additional insight into what camper life is really like. One photo shows Joy-Anna and Austin in the living room of their small home, and another post of Gideon near the dryer has a caption explaining how laundry’s accomplished in the camper.

“Since living in the camper we do laundry about once a week,” Joy wrote. “Which means we’ve got 2-3 loads to tackle. Gideon likes to ‘help’ me switch the laundry over and he gets so proud of himself when it’s all finished!”

Joy-Anna seems to be prepping her son for the same career

It looks like Joy-Anna is allowing her son to get involved in the family business, too.

While he’s only a year old, she frequently posts photos of Gideon “helping” with home projects. And she recently added a photo of him with his working shoes on along with the caption, “Working as a family isn’t always the easiest these days, ‘cause Gideon is in that ‘I want to explore and touch everything’ stage, but it is the best!” She added that watching Gideon copying Austin “is so cute,” and she used the hashtags “#workingwithpapa” and “#futurecontractor.”

The “future contractor” hashtag is what really had us wondering whether Joy-Anna’s already prepping her son for his future. And fans seem to have mixed feelings about it.

“So what if he wants to be a lawyer or a doctor and not a contractor?” one person commented on her post. “My husband is a contractor but I do not want to tell my son he has to do whatever his dad does.”

But others seem more supportive. “Awwww that’s is so sweet!!” another wrote. “He is going to grow up and be a great husband and handy man one day!!”

Gideon has plenty of time to grow up, and we’re sure Joy and Austin will support their kids in all of their endeavors!

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