‘Counting On’: Is This The Real Reason Several Duggars Have Turned Off Comments on Instagram?

Gossip about the Duggar family has been rampant this week. Over the weekend, a rumor began circulating that the FBI had paid a visit to the Duggar family compound. Followers speculated that the agency was on hand to deal with everything from money laundering to human trafficking to child pornography. The FBI squashed the rumors, stating that they were never and have never investigated the Duggar family. While a blind item may have given the rumor its life, followers seemingly ran with the story because of a few odd social media happenings. In the days leading up to the story, several Duggars turned off comments on their Instagram posts. Armchair detectives surmised that the family was turning off comments ahead of a scandal breaking. Is their silence an indication of an investigation or is there a more innocent reason?

Anna turned off comments regarding her pregnancy

All eyes are on Anna Duggar as she awaits the birth of her sixth child with her husband, Joshua Duggar. While fans mostly celebrated the bevy of pregnancies that were announced by the Duggar family since the spring, Anna’s pregnancy was far more polarizing. Many followers were concerned that the reality TV star was trapping herself in a loveless marriage.

Anna has always handled the criticism with grace, but as she nears the end of her pregnancy, it is likely that she is merely searching for some peace and quiet. Amy Duggar, the only paternal cousin to the supersized clan, responded to a fan comment on Instagram that questioned the family’s decision to turn off comments. Amy noted that the Duggars who decided to give the Instagram comments a break were smart and that there was nothing nefarious behind the decision.

A social media break isn’t a bad thing

While Anna’s decision to turn off comments struck some followers as odd, there is nothing inherently suspicious about a social media break. Back in 2018, Jinger Duggar disabled comments on her Instagram profile, too. Nothing nefarious was going on. Jessa Duggar has also made the decision to take a break from social media in the past year, most notably after the birth of her third child. While fans theorized something was very wrong with Jessa, the mother of three seems to be doing just fine.

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According to Forbes taking a social media break is beneficial for a plethora of reasons. Not only does it give a person more time to connect with those they are physically close to, but it also allows the user to reclaim their time and reestablish their inner calm. This is paramount for high-profile users. While the Duggar family may get a good amount of praise in the comment section of their Instagram pages, they are also often berated by irate followers and haters alike. Several of the Duggar daughters, in particular, have been lambasted by fans in the comment section

But, wait, is there an ongoing investigation?

While the FBI insists that they are not currently investigating the Duggar family, another government agency may be. According to KNWA, The Department of Homeland Security would not deny its presence on property owned by the Duggar family. While the original rumors suggested Josh was at the center of the investigation, some fans are now speculating that the rumored investigation may have nothing at all to do with Josh.

Instead, it’s being suggested that the involvement of the Department of Homeland Security might have something to do with the family’s recent charity trip to the Bahamas. Several of the Duggar boys headed down to the hurricane-ravaged island to lend aid through Medic Corps, the family’s disaster relief company. Rumors of poor behavior on the part of the Duggar boys circulated quickly. As of now, however, little is being released about the rumored situation.