‘Counting On’: Is TLC Trying to Phase out the Duggar Family?

TLC has announced that they’ll be welcoming a brand new supersized family to their lineup. The network announced Welcome to Plathville this week, and fans of the supersized family genre are excited.  While the premise of the show looks different enough to be unique, many fans are wondering if the network is looking to fade the Duggar family into obscurity, now that they’ve run out of fresh material. After all, a new baby for the family or a weird competition for the couples can only be exciting for so long.

Who are the Plaths?

The Plath family lives a pretty strange existence in rural Georgia. They do not own a television. They do not use smartphones, and the nine flaxen-haired Plath kids have no idea who Tom Brady is, and they have never seen the likes of Spider-Man. They have never touched a drop of soda and spend their days working on the family’s farm and playing in the acreage they own.

The Plath family is not Amish, as some may assume. Instead, they are making up their own rules. The Plath family, however, is in a bit of flux when television viewers meet them. The family’s eldest son has recently married, and his new wife hasn’t grown up in a bubble. She’s bringing change, and change isn’t exactly welcomed, according to People.

Will the Plath family replace the Duggar family?

The Duggar family has been the only supersized family on the block for more than a decade. Sure, there are a few similar concepts on TLC and other channels, but the Duggars are absolutely the most well-known reality TV family in existence at the moment. They’ve also served as the center of TLC’s programming for a decade. The introduction of the Plath family has some fans wondering if the Duggar family’s run on the network is nearing the end.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar
Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

The Plath family, like the Duggars, have chosen to separate their children from much of mainstream society. The Plath kids don’t appear to attend a traditional school, just like the Duggar children didn’t. The Plath family seems to have conservative values, similar to the Duggar family. The only thing separating these two families is the fact that there are only nine Plath kids, and there are 19 Duggar kids.  The Welcome to Plathville trailer also doesn’t mention religion, which is a marked difference between the two shows.

Is Counting On stale?

TLC might be looking to ramp up a replacement television show because Counting On has gone completely stale. Think about it, there really isn’t anything new to discuss for the Duggar family. Season 9 of the series ended with the marriage of John-David Duggar to Abbie Burnett. The storyline mimicked Season 8’s finale. In Season 8, the family’s story ends with Josiah Duggar marrying Lauren Swanson.

Season 6 and 7 brought more of the same. In Season 6, Joy-Anna Duggar marries Austin Forsyth to round out the season. In Season 7, Joe Duggar marries Kendra Caldwell. If you’ve seen one shoddily planned Duggar wedding, you’ve seen them all.

Unless something really major happens for this family, the content for season 10 is sure to be just like the one before it. A new courtship might be on the horizon, and a move for Jinger Duggar to Los Angeles are the only exciting storylines on the docket. It might be about time for the network to bring in a new family with different struggles for audiences.