‘Counting On’: It Has Been More Than Two Years Since the Duggars Have Publicly Acknowledged Jill Duggar

Derick Dillard has slowed down his responses to fan questions on Instagram and Twitter. While many followers believe Derick’s decision to out Jim Bob as a control freak, who hoards the family’s money officially kicked off the family feud, if you look closely, it’s clear that things have been sour between the Dillards and the Duggars for awhile. Jill’s siblings comment on her Instagram posts, her cousin even defends her on Twitter and Instagram, but Jill’s parents haven’t publicly acknowledged her in over two years.

The last time Jill was featured on the family’s Instagram page was over 100 weeks ago

The cold war between the Dillards and the Duggars appears to reach back much further than a few weeks. In fact, upon closer inspection, Jill hasn’t been mentioned by the Duggar family on their official Instagram page since Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding. Even then, Jill was only included in the group of “older girls,” all of whom happened to be already married when Joy walked down the aisle. Joy-Anna married Austin Forsyth in May 2017.

The last post on the family’s official Instagram page that even mentions Jill and Derick pertains to the birth of Sam Dillard, Jill and Derick’s second son. Sam, who was born in July 2017, spent several weeks in the NICU, according to In Touch. The photo shared by the Duggars’ Instagram page includes a watermark, suggesting that the family may spend very little time with Jill’s kids.

The last time she was given a shoutout on the family blog was in 2017

The absence of Jill isn’t contained just to the family’s Instagram page, either. There has been nary a mention of Jill, Derick, or her two children since 2017 on the family’s official blog. The last mention of Jill and Derick on the family blog was a congratulatory post about the birth of Sam. The blog post didn’t include any written words. Instead, it was a collection of celebratory videos.

Several of the Duggar kids offered personal videos to Derick and Jill. Jim Bob and Michelle also posted a congratulatory video, but there was something a bit strange about their taped message. The couple didn’t mention much about their daughter and son-in-law. They focused on the size of Sam and the fact that he was the eighth of many many grandchildren to come. That was it, and it was the last time fans would see any message to or about Derick and Jill.

Jill’s birthday has come and gone several times since. The birthdays of her two children have passed without any celebration from the Duggar family, too. Clearly, something is terribly amiss. The lack of acknowledgment for Jill is especially troubling if you realize just how hard the matriarch and patriarch work to acknowledge some of their other kids, even ones who have disgraced the family.

Meanwhile, Michelle wrote lengthy prose about her eldest son for his birthday

While Jill appears to be persona non grata to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar they are perfectly okay with publicly acknowledging their eldest son, Joshua Duggar. In March 2019, Michelle took to the family’s blog to offer a massive happy birthday message to the family’s oldest child. In the post, she waxes on about the wonder that is Josh, at least in her eyes. The rest of the world is far from thrilled with Josh’s behaviors.

Nevertheless, Michelle spent paragraphs discussing the 31-year-old’s allegedly good qualities. She wrote, “You are a thoughtful and sensitive man, a caring brother to your siblings, and we are so blessed that you are our son!” Followers of the family were absolutely horrified.

After all, Josh is the Duggar offspring who admitted to molesting several of his siblings. He washed down one scandal with a second. In his second scandal, it was revealed that Josh had cheated on his wife during their marriage. He resigned from his job in the nation’s capital around that time and headed home to Arkansas. It is rumored that Josh, Anna, and their six children are now living in a guest house on the Duggar family compound. He may also be at the center of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.