‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Admits the Real Reason She Isn’t Courting Yet

Jana Duggar’s love life has given everyone the same burning question: When will she finally start courting? As the oldest Duggar daughter, most people thought she would have married several years ago, given the Duggars’ traditional lifestyle. All of her younger sisters (who are of age) are married and already have at least one child. But Duggar just revealed the real reason she hasn’t entered a serious courtship yet.

Jana Duggar with her sisters, Jessa, Jinger, and Jill Duggar
Jana Duggar, far right, is the oldest of all her sisters. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar’s single status often has fans questioning why she hasn’t married

Duggar is only 29, and being single at 29 definitely isn’t uncommon. But for Duggar’s family, it is. The Duggar family is an extremely conservative Baptist family whose kids often grow up and marry by their early 20s. Some have even wed as teenagers. Now that Duggar is approaching her 30th birthday, her love life has become a major topic of interest for fans. People have created various theories about why Duggar hasn’t courted, including some suspecting she could be a lesbian (the family has denied this). Her relationship status has also become important to the show.

There are various theories about why Duggar hasn’t tied the knot

Right now, Duggar still seems to be looking for the right person to come along. But fans have gone ahead and shared their theories about why the oldest Duggar daughter remains single, and some of them are more feasible than others. One source close to Duggar said that she didn’t want to end up in an unhappy marriage. Some fans think it’s possible that Duggar is so busy helping her mother raise the younger children that her parents have asked her to hold off on marriage. Others think she might not want to live by her husband’s rules and has decided not to wed at all.

She admitted there are a few reasons she hasn’t entered a courtship

On the most recent episode of Counting On, Duggar was asked about her relationship status and whether she feels the pressure to marry being so close to 30. Though she did hint that she doesn’t love everyone trying to set her up, she made it pretty clear that she really enjoys doing things on her own time. She mentioned that she loves to travel and has been able to take trips that her married siblings haven’t. Duggar also said that she has gotten to know people with the intention of courting, but nothing has panned out. However, based on her words, it seems that she enjoys having the freedom to choose her own path. She compared her own life to that of her married siblings and hinted that her siblings don’t have the same freedoms.

Many people think Duggar will end up courting Lawson Bates

For a while, there have been rumors that Duggar might end up courting Lawson Bates, who is a member of the Bates family (another religious family with a lot of children and a reality show). Bates has been spotted leaving flirty comments on Duggar’s Instagram posts in the past, which has sparked major speculation from fans. For now, though, Duggar is still single, but she said on the show that she’s just waiting for the right guy to come along. If she truly does want to get married, we’re certain she’ll eventually find Mr. Right.