‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Is Acting More Like Her Father Jim Bob Every Day

Jana Duggar is nothing like her other sisters. But the more we get to know her, the more it’s becoming clear that she’s not afraid to be an individual. You have to respect that in a woman.

While so many other Duggar daughters marry young and get busy building larger-than-average sized families, Jana Duggar is still unmarried and living at home even though she’s 29. But it’s not like she’s sitting around bored all day. Instead, Jana’s Instagram shows how often she travels, practices her favorite hobbies, and hangs out with two of her favorite people: her parents.

Counting On fans are quite confused by Jana Duggar’s most recent Instagram post for several reasons. But perhaps the most telling thing about it is how much the oldest Duggar girl is following in her father’s footsteps and not her mom’s.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their children to follow certain rules

Growing up Duggar is different from how most modern families function. The kids aren’t allowed to watch mainstream movies or television shows. The girls can’t wear pants. All Duggar children are forbidden from dating, but they can engage in courtships leading straight to marriage. Obviously, premarital sex is completely forbidden. Courting couples aren’t even allowed to hug.

The Duggar household is also structured in a typical patriarchal model, with the husband working outside the home earning an income while the mother stays home and raises the children. So far, all the married Duggar daughters and wives of Duggar sons are following this same tradition. But now Jana might be proving she’s not interested in just being a wife and mother.

Jana Duggar has dreams and aspirations

All of Jana Duggar’s public comments make it sound like she’s planning on marrying and having children eventually when the right man comes along. But her latest Instagram post proves she’s living her life to the fullest in the meantime.

Her most recent update shows a photo of Jana standing with her father, Jim Bob, at the beach. These two are even wearing matching jackets!

“Enjoying some of the sights while on the East Coast,” Jana said in the caption. “Even though it’s a work trip, it’s always fun getting to spend time with one of my best friends who I’m also honored to call my dad! Love you, Pops.”

Jana might be helping her father with his real estate business

No one is exactly sure what Jana Duggar does for money, though we do know she’s saving a bunch by still living at home. But this latest update might offer a subtle clue. Since Jim Bob is a real estate investor by trade, the fact that Jana is with him on a work trip proves that she’s probably involved in the family business. Jana has shown off her interior design skills before, so it’s not so crazy to imagine.

It’s also possible that these two Duggars are doing some sort of mission trip for their church, which they’ve been known to do. But no matter what Jim Bob and Jana got up to on the East Coast, it’s clear that Jana truly looks up to and respects her dad.

She might be the one daughter to break the mold and find a different future for herself, whether it’s in real estate or something totally different.