‘Counting On’ Jana Duggar’s Recent Las Vegas Trip Proves She Still Has No Freedom

Jana Duggar recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and she’s still unmarried and living at home. The Duggar family is very religious, so it’s not entirely surprising that they wouldn’t allow a woman to move out of the house and live on her own. But the family has proven time and time again that Jana has little to no true independence.

Jana Duggar and sisters
Jana Duggar, far right, and three of her sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jana is treated differently than the men in the family

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s oldest daughter seems to do a lot for the family. She helps her younger siblings with their homeschool programs and is always there for Michelle around the house. But Jana recently turned 30, and fans can’t help but notice that she appears to receive different treatment from her siblings.

Jana’s younger brother, Jedidiah Duggar, revealed a while back that he no longer lives at the Duggar family home. Jedidiah is only in his early 20s, and he’s unmarried, yet he was allowed to move out before his oldest sister. It seems clear that Jana is treated differently because she’s a woman.

Some fans think Jana will never tie the knot

Now that Jana is officially in her 30s, fans think it could be this year or never in terms of her entering a courtship. There have been theories as to why Jana hasn’t wed, and they range from feasible to completely bizarre.

Some have theorized that Jana could be a lesbian and, since she lives in such a conservative household, can’t tell her parents. Others think that Jim Bob and Michelle have designated her their family helper and have prevented her from getting married (a pretty odd theory that likely isn’t true). Still, some think Jana actually prefers her life the way it is and doesn’t want to wed.

Jim Bob accompanied his daughter to a recent trip to Las Vegas

Jana has very little freedom. She still lives with her parents and is not allowed to receive an education or get a job. And her recent trip to Las Vegas only confirmed that her parents don’t allow her to do anything alone. Jana attended the Las Vegas Home and Gift Market earlier this week with friends, but she couldn’t do it without a chaperone. Just when it seemed like she was finally having freedom, a photo showed Jim Bob accompanying his daughter to the event.

Will the Duggars ever allow Jana to move out?

As Jana grows older, we can’t help but wonder: Will her parents ever allow her to leave the nest? The truth is, probably not. The Duggars have a very strict way of life. They do things differently than most families, and women generally aren’t allowed to live on their own. They don’t typically hold jobs, either — their role is to take care of the family. If Jana never has kids of her own, she will likely spend the rest of her years helping her parents take care of the other Duggar kids’ families. However, she’s only 30, and there is still time for her to meet the right person and get out of her parents’ house.