‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar is Finally Making Money On Her Own — Here’s How

In the Duggar family, it’s customary for women to marry young, then stay at home with the kids while their husbands work. For Jana Duggar, though, life hasn’t led her down the same path. At 29, she’s the oldest Duggar daughter — and the only of-age daughter who has yet to marry. Though Duggar doesn’t seem to mind her lifestyle, fans have wondered what she’s been doing while under her parents’ roof this whole time. And she finally made it clear that she’s making some money while living at home.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Fans have questioned why Duggar is not yet married

In the Duggar family, it’s customary for the kids to marry at a young age. For the most part, all of the children were married by the time they were in their early 20s. But the ages of marriage have been as young as 19 and as old as 28. Either way, Duggar has yet to enter into a serious courtship, and for a while, fans have wondered why. There have been various rumors and theories about why Duggar doesn’t want to date, though she continues to say that she simply hasn’t met the right person yet. Though some feel bad for her, Duggar actually seems to greatly enjoy her life as a single woman.

She’s not allowed to move out until she ties the knot

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have always had strict rules for their children. Their daughters weren’t allowed to wear pants growing up for fear of enticing men, and the kids couldn’t show any intimacy toward their partners until marriage. But another rule the Duggars live by is that they typically cannot move out of the house until they are married. (Living on their own might make them more susceptible to temptation.) For that reason, Duggar still lives at home, despite her age.

Interestingly, Duggar’s younger brother, Jedidiah Duggar, recently said that he no longer lives at the Duggar home. However, this goes against Michelle and Jim Bob’s rules. But it’s possible that, because of the way they live, the Duggar men are treated differently than the women.  

Duggar just posted her first Instagram ad

Though Duggar is still living at home and has no education beyond her parents’ homeschooling, she has found a new way to make money. Duggar recently posted her first Instagram ad to her story, which likely brought her a good amount of money. Duggar has more than 600,000 Instagram followers, so it comes as no surprise that she would want to make some money from her profile. The ad was for Vanity Planet’s skin cleanser brush; Duggar explained its use and why she loves it.

Jana Duggar Instagram ad
Jana Duggar recently posted an Instagram ad | Jana Duggar via Instagram

The ad comes on the heels of Duggar’s younger sister, Jinger Vuolo, losing a paid partnership with Fonuts due to her family’s beliefs. Vuolo also cut ties with her Rebecca Minkoff partnership for unnamed reasons.

Duggar has mentioned ‘work’ in the past and likely also gets paid for the show 

In a past Instagram post, Duggar mentioned attending a “work” trip with her father, though she never specified exactly what the work entailed. Some suspect Duggar could be breaking into her father’s real estate business, but the outing could have been for religious work as well. Plus, Duggar likely makes money from Counting On. Though it appears Jim Bob takes the whole salary from the show, he likely splits it among his children, which means Jana would get a cut from the show, too. She might not have a real job, but she seems to still be making money.