Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Recent Photo Is Raising Plenty of Rude Questions From Fans

For years, Counting On fans have been concerned with Jana Duggar’s well-being. As the oldest Duggar daughter, many expected her to wed before any of her sisters. At 30, she is still single and living at home, which, in the Duggar world, is uncommon.

Duggar recently posted a photo on a bike ride with some of her siblings, and it has fans raising rude questions and comments.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

People have long theorized why Jana Duggar isn’t married

When Duggar wasn’t the first of her sisters to wed, people didn’t think much of it. However, Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters tend to be married by their mid-twenties. When those years came and went for Duggar, people started to question why she never tied the knot.

There have been plenty of theories as to why Duggar is still single. Some suggest Jim Bob and Michelle want her to help them raise the younger kids. Others think Duggar doesn’t want to be forced into having a huge family by marrying young. Still, others believe Duggar could be a lesbian. None of the fan theories have been confirmed, and Duggar maintains that she simply hasn’t met the right person yet.

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Duggar’s recent post sparked some rude questions and comments from fans

Duggar lives at home because, traditionally, Duggar children are not allowed to leave the house until they wed. However, Duggar’s younger brothers, Jedidiah and Jeremiah, reportedly moved out together and now live on their own. When Duggar posted a photo taking a bike ride with her siblings, people started raising questions.

“I’m sorry I genuinely don’t understand why your younger brothers can move out of the family home but you can’t take a trip with friends unchaperoned,” one user wrote. Jason Duggar clapped back, saying the user doesn’t know all the trips his sister takes, but the comment appears to have been deleted. “Are you escaping? #freejana,” another user wrote. Duggar didn’t respond to any of the comments.

Others were on Duggar’s case about not wearing a mask while outdoors, though some might say that since she was with her immediate family, it wasn’t necessary.

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Some fans think Duggar women are treated differently than men

Fans have long suspected that Duggar daughters aren’t given the same freedoms by their parents as their brothers. The daughters are required to adhere to a very modest dress code so as not to taunt any men. Plus, fans think that Duggar’s younger brothers being able to move out while she cannot seems to further the divide in treatment between the genders.

Still, Duggar has never suggested her parents have suppressed her in any way. She has a lot of love for Michelle and Jim Bob and even told fans that she willingly shares a room with her younger sisters because it helps her stay close with them. Plus, she hasn’t hinted that her parents have had anything to do with her remaining unmarried. Still, people can’t help but think there’s more to the story.