‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photos, And Fans Are Extremely Confused

The Duggar family has been filming for television for most of the kids’ lives — they had TV specials back in the early 2000s, and their official reality show, 17 Kids and Counting, premiered back in 2008 (it then went on to become 19 Kids and Counting). Once it was canceled in 2015, Counting On took its place. Now, Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter, has let fans in on some behind the scenes photos — but everyone ended up confused.

the Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar revealed the family has had the same camera crew for 15 years

The Duggar family is one of America’s largest families, and they live their lives very differently from most modern Americans. For these reasons, TLC loved the idea of giving the family a show; people could see their different lifestyle as well as what it’s like raising so many kids. The show started back in 2008, but when the first show was canceled due to Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse scandal, Counting On became its sequel. Jana recently revealed that the camera crew has become “like family” through the years. “We’ve had some of the same crew members for almost 15 years now!” she wrote in the comments.

The Duggars have been on television for more than a decade.

Fans were surprised that the interviews took place on a set

The Duggars often sit down for interviews during their show, and fans were surprised to learn that they film these offsite. In Jana’s post, one image showed a couch inside of what appeared to be an empty room that didn’t look like part of their house. “The sofa interviews are done on a set?” one fan asked. “Yes, interviews are done on a set,” Jana said. Another fan asked whether the set was close to home, but Jana didn’t respond. It’s not uncommon for reality television interviews to be in a separate place from where the show is filmed.

Jana Duggar took fans behind the scenes of filming.

People were extremely confused by Kendra and Joe Duggar’s cooking photo

In one photo, Joe and Kendra Duggar were cooking in a kitchen, and fans couldn’t help but notice that the kitchen had extremely high ceilings (similar to those that would be on a film set). The kitchen also had a large film crew with cameras on the outside of it, which confused fans even more about whether it was in a studio. “Where is picture 8? Is that a set? Looks like a cooking show,” one fan wrote, referring to Joe and Kendra’s cooking photo. “I guess it does kinda [sic] look like that. It’s actually in our guest house,” Jana clarified.

People couldn’t figure out why the show looked like it was filmed on a set  

Though Jana was generous in showing fans some behind-the-scenes posts, it led to a lot of confusion about whether the show is actually filmed on-site at the Duggar family’s 7,000 square-foot home. But Jana confirmed in several comments that they do not film on a set (besides the interviews). “I thought you were filmed at home, but it is all staged and recorded in a filmstudio? [sic],” one fan wrote. Jana was quick to shut down the rumors that filming wasn’t real. “No, it’s all real life! Not filmed in a studio,” she replied.

By the look of the photos, it’s hard to tell that they’re filmed on-site. But we take Jana’s word for it, and it is clear in some of the photos that the Duggars are in their own home. It was an interesting look at how TLC puts the whole show together.