‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Reveals Her True Thoughts on the Constant Courting Rumors: ‘It Gets a Little Old’

It’s no secret that the Duggars tend to marry young. For the most part, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s kids have all wed by the time they were in their early twenties. But Jana Duggar, the couple’s oldest daughter, has yet to announce a courtship. And she finally opened up about what it’s like to be at the center of so many questions and rumors.

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Rumors have swirled about Jana Duggar’s choice to not marry so young

Michelle and Jim Bob raised their children traditionally. It was common that the men would go out and make the money while the women stayed home to work. Most of the Duggar kids followed this tradition, tying the knot at a young age and starting families shortly after. But Jana Duggar has always taken a different path. She celebrated her 30th birthday as a single lady earlier this year.

Duggar has been at the center of rumors about her relationship status for several years. Some have suspected her parents won’t allow her to marry, while others are certain she’s choosing not to marry because she’s secretly in love with her best friend, Laura DeMasie. (Duggar and DeMasie have both shut down those rumors.)

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Duggar finally opened up about what it’s like to hear constant rumors and questions

On a recent episode of Counting On, Duggar spent some time with her sister-in-law Abbie while getting her hair done at a salon in Tennessee. During her salon visit, the stylist asked her about her love life and some of the stories that came with people trying to set her up. Duggar opened up a bit about not courting and said she’s getting sick of the questions and rumors.

“Sometimes it gets a little old,” Duggar said. “Like, it’s not the only thing in the world to talk about.” She added that people often try to set her up, saying they have a “nephew” or “cousin” who would be a great match, though she seemed to suggest she doesn’t usually take them up on the offer. For the most part, Duggar hasn’t been interested in any of the men who have pursued her.

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Duggar says she’ll meet someone in ‘God’s timing’

The Duggar family trusts that everything that happens in their lives is directly a result of God’s plan. And Duggar feels that the main reason she hasn’t met anyone yet is because it hasn’t been in “God’s timing,” which she reiterated on the show.

Jana Duggar might not be courting, but viewers who watched the show’s most recent episode received a sneak peek of next week’s show, and it suggests someone else in the family is about to announce a courtship. The preview appeared to show Justin Duggar on camera by himself with an empty space next to him, suggesting a girl was going to join him. But fans will have to tune in next week to learn whether another Duggar courtship is on the horizon.