‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Instagram Post Proves the Kids Are Living That Hand-Me-Down Life

Children in the Duggar clan are used to sharing.

The family became famous on the show 19 Kids and Counting, which documented their extraordinary life with so many little ones running around. The story continues with Counting On, which focuses on the married children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who now have families of their own.

Fans can’t get enough of the Duggar grandchildren, a group who keeps growing each year. And while the original Duggar family seems a lot stricter, rule-wise, a recent social media photo proves that the kids are following a few traditions their mom and dad started.

The Duggar family always wore secondhand clothing

Michelle Duggar has many thrifty tips for saving money, which is a necessity for anyone raising 19 children. The mother of many documented the family’s frequent trips to the thrift store, where they stocked up on clothing for all seasons.

The Duggar kids also shared clothing with each other as any large family tends to do. The older kids passed down hand-me-downs to the younger set all the time. According to Instagram, that tradition continues even now with the Duggar grandkids.

Jana Duggar shared a photo of Grace Duggar wearing a hand-me-down romper

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Water with love and watch them bloom

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Everyone’s favorite auntie Jana Duggar adores doting on her nieces and nephews while patiently waiting to start a family of her own. Recently, she shared a photo of herself with John and Abbie Duggar’s 7-month-old daughter Grace wearing a sweet floral romper sitting outside on the grass.

“Water with love and watch them bloom,” she wrote in the caption. A comment from Jessa Seewald revealed the origin of the outfit.

“I believe that was one of Felicity’s dresses that was passed down to Ivy, and now Gracie’s wearing it!” Jessa wrote. “Such a darling child!” Felicity is Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar’s daughter while Ivy is Jessa and Ben’s little girl.

The grandparents agreed, with Jim Bob and Michelle reacting to the photo with the heart eyes smiley face emoji.

Even the adult Duggar kids still wear hand-me-downs

Thanks to their frugal, money-conscious upbringing, most of the grown adult children still follow traditions set by their parents. For example, they go thrift shopping for themselves as well as their children.

Jill Dillard confessed to wearing hand-me-downs from her sisters even now. When a fan commented that they liked her outfit, Jill responded that the ensemble came from her sister.

“Hand me downs,” Jill wrote in reply, according to OK Magazine. “I guess I can still call them that if they come from my older sister’s closet. Haha,” she wrote.

The Duggars share more than just clothing

It’s not just cute rompers being passed around the Duggar family. When Lauren Duggar shared nursery photos, fans wanted to know where she got the beautiful crib for her baby. “I’m afraid I don’t have the link to the crib,” Lauren replied. “It was a hand me down.”

InTouch Weekly reported that she tagged Jill in the post to make it clear the crib came from her. From outfits to furniture, it’s clear that the extended Duggar family is all about saving money and sharing the love.