‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar Admits the Family Might Be More Modern Than We Think

Fans of Counting On are well aware that the Duggar family lives life very differently from other modern American families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children with a strict set of rules and beliefs, all of which are deeply rooted in their Baptist religion. The Duggar family has always been perceived as less “modern” than other families because they don’t allow their children to watch television or listen to modern music. But Jedidiah Duggar just hinted that the family is more with the times than we might have thought.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars weren’t allowed to watch television or listen to music growing up

Though some of the Duggars have grown up and moved out, others are still being raised by Michelle and Jim Bob. And those still living with their parents have had very little access to television and music growing up. Nowadays, music and TV shows tend to have sexual overtones or sex scenes, both of which the Duggars’ parents want to prevent their kids from being exposed to. The Duggars are allowed to listen to some music (Jana Duggar once quoted a Michael Bublé song on her Instagram), but songs likely have to be approved by their parents first. And the family has never owned a television.

The kids supposedly have limited access to the Internet

Among other restrictions, the children reportedly have very limited access to the Internet. While the Internet can be a safe place, it also holds a lot of opportunity for sins, which is why Michelle and Jim Bob choose to restrict their children’s access to the Internet. The Duggars who are married and have their own families might live differently, especially considering most of them have Instagram accounts. Jana Duggar also has an Instagram, but she was one of the last adult members of her family to open an account. It’s possible her parents finally allowed her to have one, since she’s almost 30.

The Duggar kids are kept under a very watchful eye until they are married.

The Duggars do have cell phones — even those living under their parents’ roof

Though it has long been suspected the Duggars live with minimal technology (as a means of curbing their interest in using the Internet), the kids do actually have cell phones. Jedidiah Duggar revealed in the most recent episode of Counting On that the boys do all have cell phones, even though they’re all still living with their parents. It’s been known that the married couples have phones, but it was suspected that this was only because they were no longer living at home.

However, the boys’ cell phones don’t have any Internet access. Despite not having Internet, it’s surprising that the kids have such a modern piece of equipment, especially since they are always kept under their parents’ close eye. 

The family still lives very traditionally compared to most

While the Duggars do seem to be becoming a bit more modern (Jinger Duggar even has a TV in her home, and it seems Michelle and Jim Bob have become slightly more relaxed with the kids), they still live life very traditionally compared to most. The kids aren’t allowed to date; they can only enter courtships with the intention of getting married. Plus, they can only have very limited physical contact until their wedding day, and all of their daughters were raised only wearing skirts and dresses to prevent swooning men.