‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar Attempts to Distance Himself from His Family Amid Federal Investigation Rumors

No one seems to know what is going on with the Duggar family. Over the weekend, it was reported that the FBI was on hand at the family’s home. Rumors of a criminal investigation took on a life of its own. While the FBI claims they were never at the family’s address, a representative from the Department of Homeland Security all but confirmed a criminal investigation is ongoing. While the family, as a whole, is staying mum on the goings-on at their Arkansas residence, one Duggar is speaking up. Jedidiah Duggar alleges that he has no idea what’s going on with his family, because he doesn’t live with them, according to KNWA. While some Counting On fans are awaiting more news about the potential investigation, others are fixated on Jedidiah’s statements. So, does the 20-year-old live on his own, or is he still holding down the fort in the boy’s dorm?

Jedidiah’s statements came as a shock to fans

While Jed might be trying to merely distance himself from the potential scandal happening within his family, fans were a little shocked to hear that he allegedly lives on his own. After all, the Duggar family, known for their strict rules for their children, have yet to allow a Duggar to leave the family home before marriage. Jana Duggar, now 29, still resides in the family home and even bunks with her much younger sisters.

The Duggar family is also quick to document major life events on social media. They let the world know when babies are born, jobs are taken, and engagements happen. Many fans are questioning why the family wouldn’t share Jedidiah’s flight from the homestead if it actually happened. There may be a reason the family wouldn’t mention it, though. Jedidiah’s decision to live apart from the rest of his siblings would run afoul of the family’s beliefs and could compromise their media brand.

In the last week, Jedidiah did mention catching up with his twin on Instagram. Followers were originally skeptical, wondering why the twins, who share a bedroom, would need to catch up. If Jedidiah does live elsewhere, his caption makes a lot more sense. Even still, some critics believe Jedidiah is making things up as a last-ditch effort to save himself before a serious scandal breaks.

Is Jedidiah lying?

Jedidiah might claim he does not currently live with his family, but followers think the 20-year-old with political aspirations is lying. After all, this is the first time fans are hearing of him moving away from his family, and it would absolutely break protocol. Jedidiah did not mention where he resides. He didn’t mention if he owns property, if he’s living in one of the family’s rental properties or if he’s renting a place from someone else. The lack of information has given rise to suspicion.

A deep dive into local property records returns absolutely no results for Jedidiah. While that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t live away from his family, it does give some credence to the notion that he’s lying. All of his siblings that have moved out are easily searchable. Evan Jana appears to own property in the area, although she remains at home with her younger siblings. Jedidiah’s name, however, doesn’t yield any results.

Jed’s Instagram feed doesn’t hint at his own abode, either. While he just recently joined the social media network, most of his posts are either about his political campaign or shoutouts to his family members. None of the pictures show him in a home of his own.

Why would Jedidiah lie?

Critics who don’t believe Jed is living on his own, have a few theories about why he would be lying. The most prominent theory is that he is trying to distance himself from his famous family. Jedidiah has political aspirations, and nothing can squash a political career quicker than a family scandal.

The Duggar family appears on 'Good Morning America'
the Duggar family |Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

It has been reported that the Department of Homeland Security paid a visit to the Duggar family compound, as well as some of the family’s businesses over the weekend. If the Duggar clan is on the wrong side of the law, it would be a smart move to attempt to create physical distance for Jedidiah. Whether the tactic will save his political career remains to be seen.

Another theory is a lot more innocent but is still tied to his political aspirations. When Jedidiah announced that he’d be running for political office, critics chimed in quickly. Several noted that the 20-year-old remained in his family’s home, sharing a room with a handful of younger brothers.  His lack of real-world experience didn’t exactly instill confidence in his political prowess. Jedidiah may be attempting to make himself appear more worldly and more experienced. Lying probably isn’t the best way to go about it, though.

The Duggar family investigation is ongoing, and many unknowns remain. An official statement about the raids have not been released, although the family has denied the rumors via Instagram.