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This season of Counting On is officially back, and we’re loving everything we’re seeing from the Duggars thus far. From updates on Jessa’s third baby to an inside look at John David’s honeymoon to more information on Jinger’s move out west, all of the Duggars are making huge life decisions that we’re glad they’re capturing on camera. And aside from the usual suspects, we can’t forget that the youngest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 kids are also growing up fast.

Jedidiah Duggar is getting a lot of screen time lately — and believe it or not, he even recently joined Instagram. While he doesn’t have many posts, it looks like he’s bringing his younger brothers into the social media spotlight, too. Here’s what he recently added.

Jedidiah Duggar just joined Instagram

Jedidiah seems to be taking up more screen time than ever before on Counting On — and since he’s now 20 years old, Duggar fans are anxiously awaiting either him or his twin, Jeremiah, to announce a courtship soon. Those who keep up with the family are aware that they “court” potential spouses young — that is, they aim to date with the end goal of marriage in mind. And Jed’s name has come up a lot recently as the next suspected Duggar to enter a serious relationship, as he just joined Instagram.

It’s not a hard-and-fast rule that a Duggar must be courting to have an Instagram, but fans have certainly noticed the correlation. And there’s only one other Duggar who has an Instagram who’s not courting — and that’s Jana. Given that Jana is nearly 30 years old, it seems the family deemed her old enough to have her own social media presence without being married. As for Jed, a courtship hasn’t been announced yet, but his new social media profile is certainly raising eyebrows.

He just featured his younger brothers in a post

Jed only has a few posts on his Instagram currently. His first post shows him with his brother and friends at a new local coffee shop near his home in Arkansas. And the second photo is celebrating Joy-Anna’s birthday, as she just turned 22.

We’re betting Jed and Joy-Anna have plenty of photos together, but the photo he chose appears to bring his younger brothers into the spotlight, too. And he even mentions his rarely-talked-about siblings in the post. “Happy birthday, Joy! I’m really grateful for your friendship. Thanks for being patient with all of us younger brothers growing up! It’s so fun to see you now as a wife and mother,” he captioned the post.

As for who’s in the photo, Jason is directly to the left of Jed, Justin is to the right of Joy-Anna, and James is way on the left.

Are the Duggars prepping viewers for more courtships in the future?

Since Jed is close in age to his brothers who are pictured in his post and they all still live under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, it makes sense that he appears to hang out with them more than his older siblings who’ve moved out. But it still makes Counting On fans wonder if there’s something more going on.

Recently on the show, we can’t forget that Jed and his younger siblings — some of whom are pictured in the Joy-Anna birthday post — were just discussing the ideal qualities they look for in a woman. “Well, my dream girl is gonna be somebody that loves the lord and is very respectful to her parents,” Jed said. And his brothers seemed to be in agreement with him while also stating they were looking for someone who was wholesome and had a close relationship with God.

We’re not entirely sure if Jed will be the next Duggar to announce a courtship, but odds are looking good. If not him, perhaps it’ll be his twin, Jeremiah!

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