‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar Said What He’s Looking for in a Woman He’s Courting

Counting On is officially back, and fans can’t wait to see what the Duggars are up to next. As we’ve seen so far, Jinger Duggar and her husband are preparing for their big move to Los Angeles. And we’ve also gotten glimpses into what Jessa Duggar and her husband are up to with their three kids. While many of the older Duggar daughters typically steal the spotlight, we can’t forget that there are still plenty of their siblings living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. And fans are growing curious about Jedidiah Duggar.

Jedidiah is 20 years old, which is plenty old enough for him to enter a courtship. And on a recent episode of the show, he discussed what he’s looking for in a woman and a life partner. Here’s what he said.

Jedidiah Duggar has made appearances on ‘Counting On’ and the Duggar Family Instagram

While the focus is often on Michelle and Jim Bob’s older kids, Jedidiah Duggar seems to be getting more screen time along with his twin, Jeremiah, than usual on this season of Counting On. And we can’t forget that prior to this season beginning, Jedidiah was also making more appearances on the Duggar Family Instagram.

Back in August, Michelle added a photo of her with Jed along with a sign he bought her at the Tontitown Grape Festival. “Jed, thank you so much!! He bought me this sign as a gift from the Tontitown Grape Festival. Such a tender-hearted guy!” she captioned the post. The sentiment was certainly sweet, and fans noticed that Michelle appeared to be talking up her son on the ‘gram, too. Perhaps Michelle was working on familiarizing her Instagram followers with Jed again since he’d be making more appearances on this season of Counting On, or maybe there’s another motive.

He said what he’s looking for in a woman he’s courting

This season of the show, we’re loving hearing what the less-talked-about Duggars have to say about what’s next in their lives. And it looks like a courtship may be on the brain for Jed. In one scene, Jed is sitting outside with a number of his brothers, and they’re all discussing what they look for in their perfect woman. And the 20-year-old says, “Well, my dream girl is gonna be somebody that loves the lord and is very respectful to her parents.” He also mentioned he wants to be a “team” with his future wife.

Producers also asked the other Duggars who they think will be the next to tie the knot, and a few predicted it’d be Jed. Jessa, however, said, “Not Jed.” As for who Jed predicted, he guessed Jana, as she has a number of men who’ve already asked her out on dates.

Could this be a clue he’s ready for a courtship?

So, could the Duggars be planting the seed that Jed is the next one to enter a courtship since he announced all of his preferred qualities in a future spouse on camera? We’re not so sure, as Josiah mentioned during the episode that he thinks it could be Jed, Jeremiah, or Jason up next for a serious courtship. And we can’t forget that rumors of the past claimed Jed had actually courted Kendra Caldwell before she courted and married Joseph.

We’re not sure who’s next up for a courtship, but we can’t wait to find out who it could be. While we’d love to see one of the Duggar men get involved in a serious relationship, it also could be Jana who’s next. Stay tuned for future episodes of Counting On to find out.

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