‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar’s Recent Instagram Post Has Followers Giggling

By now everyone knows that Jedidiah Duggar is running for public office. The 20-year-old Duggar is eying a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives, the same position his father held 20 years ago. While the announcement was not particularly surprising, viewers and Duggar opponents, alike, have been left wondering what qualifications the young Duggar boy actually has. His recent social media activity hasn’t exactly instilled confidence in his ability to enter the political sphere, either. In fact, his most recent post has followers giggling in secondary embarrassment.

What did Jed say on Instagram that has everyone laughing?

Jedidiah took to Instagram on Nov. 12 to share a snapshot of himself and his twin brother, Jeremiah sitting down for lunch. Apparently, the pair regularly hit a lunch spot together to catch up. There is nothing inherently wrong with the photo, but Jed’s caption has some followers feeling a bit weird. The caption reads, “Always great to meet up with my twin brother Jeremiah for lunch! One of our favorite places in Springdale… Hard to beat the amazing food and service at Susan’s!”

It’s nice to see that Jed and Jeremiah are close, but fans point out that Jed’s caption seems to allude to the fact that they don’t get to see each other often. In reality, Jed and his twin brother actually share a bedroom in the Duggar family home. Both boys still live at the Springdale home they built with their parents many years ago.

Either Jed didn’t realize the way his caption read, or he’s trying extra hard to appear to be a typical, 20-something. He may be trying to hide his living situation from the public, but since the entire Duggar family has been plastered across TV screens for the better part of two decades, his attempts are futile. Fans also pointed out that the reality TV personality appeared to need a chaperone when he traveled to submit his paperwork in the state’s capital.

Why don’t the Duggar kids leave home until they are married?

Jedidiah may be different than a lot of average 20-somethings, but he’s following his family’s guidelines perfectly. None of the Duggar children, whether male or female, have left their childhood home before marriage. Even the Duggar boys who have purchased homes before marriage, remained at their parents’ house until they tied the knot.

Jana Duggar, who is quickly approaching 30, still lives at the family’s home and continues to share a room with her much younger siblings. Jedidiah and Jeremiah are still in the same bedroom as their younger brothers, too. It all comes down to accountability for the family. If privacy is limited, the older Duggar kids are less likely to step out of line and break any of the family’s incredibly strict rules. Because the Duggar kids are not allowed to date without a chaperone, keeping them at home until they are married ensures Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar can continue to control their social movements.

Could Jedidiah really win the seat?

Jedidiah has some stiff competition in his race. He is attempting to unseat a first-term democrat by the name of Megan Godfrey. The democrat beat out the republican incumbent on Nov. 6, 2018, with 50.4% of votes. Her educational background is admittedly far more robust than Jedidiah’s. Godfrey earned a B.A. at the  University of Arkansas and went on to complete her master’s degree at  Loyola Marymount University. Allegedly, she’s currently working towards a Ph.D.

Whether or not Jedidiah can win is hard to ascertain. He has very little in the way of education and experience, but his platform promises conservative values, which are highly appreciated in the notoriously red state. His family’s notoriety may also help. If he wins, he’ll earn $40,000 a year.