‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Might Have Just Confirmed the Duggars Are Under Investigation

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have physically distanced themselves from the Duggar family, though they still have a close relationship. They have always remained on good terms, but the two are definitely more modern than other Duggar family members. Now, though, the Duggars have been at the center of federal investigation rumors — and Vuolo might have just hinted that there is some truth to them.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Duggar and Vuolo recently spent time with Duggar’s family

Duggar and Vuolo moved to California back in early July, and they seem to have adjusted nicely to their new neighborhood. The couple has been exploring plenty of new cities and restaurants with their daughter, and they’ve attended many fun events as well. The two have gone to soccer games, the aquarium, and even attended one of Kanye West’s Sunday services. Duggar has become much more independent from her family since marrying Vuolo; she wears pants, watches television, and does things outside of her usual religious realm. Duggar’s family recently took a road trip out to the Vuolo’s new home and spent time with the the couple and their young daughter, Felicity. Everyone seemed to get along well on the trip.

The Duggars have been at the center of investigation rumors

Earlier this week, news broke that the Duggars had reportedly been investigated by the FBI — and had their home raided. According to an Arkansas news outlet, homeland security raided the massive Duggar mansion in Tontitown, Arkansas, in mid-November. However, details on why such a raid might have taken place were not released. Jedidiah Duggar told the news outlet that he doesn’t “live there” and that no raid had happened to the best of his knowledge. It’s been difficult getting to the bottom of the situation ever since the news broke.

Vuolo might have hinted there is some truth to the rumors

Vuolo recently posted an unrelated photo to his Instagram account of him playing with Felicity. However, with all of the news about his in-laws, fans couldn’t help but ask if there was any truth to the story. “Are the Duggars being investigated for tax evasion?” one user wrote on Vuolo’s photo (though prior to that, it was unclear if that’s what the supposed investigation was pertaining to). Rather than disregard the comment, Vuolo “liked” it. When one user replied to the initial comment saying it’s rude to ask, the commenter wrote, “Well he ‘liked’ the comment so I’m guessing there might be some truth to it.”

Vuolo ‘liked’ a comment on this photo about the Duggar raid

Vuolo liking the comment doesn’t necessarily confirm that something is going on with the Duggar family, however it definitely does make it seem like there might actually be something to the whole story.

The Duggar family has denied all of the rumors

The Duggars have denied that anything ever happened. Michelle and Jim Bob posted a statement to their Instagram saying that the rumors were entirely untrue and to the best of their knowledge, nobody else in their family was under any kind of investigation. The statement said the Duggars were “shocked” to hear the news about their family, and while they normally ignore rumors, they felt they needed to address this one. Right now, it’s still unclear if it remains entirely a rumor or if the Duggars are doing their best to keep the situation under wraps. More information will likely unfold over time.