‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Reveals What Happened to His and Jinger Duggar’s Cat

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, and their 1-year-old daughter Felicity moved to California this summer. But one member of the family didn’t make the trip. The Vuolos had to leave behind their cat in Texas, though pet lovers shouldn’t freak out too much. Jeremy assured his followers on social media that they found a good home for the kitty. 

Jinger and Jeremy adopted the cat in 2018 

Growing up, Jinger Duggar was used to having pets around the house. “My mom was constantly bringing animals home,” she recalled during an episode of Counting On. As a kid, Jinger even had her own cat named Jake.

Last year she got the chance to be a pet owner again when she and her husband Jeremy brought home a cat named Jacob (named after Jinger’s childhood pet, naturally). Jeremy noted that they were now “a family of four.” 

As explained in a Counting On episode, he and Jinger were out for a walk with their baby daughter when a hungry stray cat followed them home. They fell in love and decided to let him stay. The Vuolos seemed to love their furry friend, and Jeremy even shared a photo of all four of them on Instagram on Thanksgiving. 

What happened to Jacob the cat? 

Once the Vuolos relocated to Los Angeles, fans noticed that they were no longer seeing photos of Jacob on Jeremy’s Instagram. And they were pretty worried.  

“Where’s your sweet cat? Hope you didn’t leave him/her behind,” wrote one concerned follower.

The other day, Jeremy finally explained why Jacob hadn’t been seen for a while. Unfortunately, the family had to leave him in Laredo. The Vuolos rehomed the frisky feline with another family rather than bring him to California. 

They had to leave the cat behind because of Jeremy’s allergies 

orange tabby cat
An orange tabby cat | Education Images/UIG via Getty images

On a recent Instagram post, someone asked, “Jeremy did you guys bring your cat or leave it with friends??” 

Jeremy responded, “We had to leave Jake with a family in Laredo 😩 I’m terribly allergic, but when we rescued him from the street I cared more about him finding a home than my allergies. But allergies plus a cat aren’t a great combo. He’s happy, though!” 

The 31-year-old pastor actually discussed his pet allergies on an episode of Counting On. “I did grow up with pets. The funny thing is I’m allergic to pet dander, so I never had pets with fur,” he said. “So I had funky pets. I had bearded dragons, I had turtles, I had frogs, I had snakes. I love pets. And I love Jake. But I’m terribly allergic to him.”

Jinger confirmed that her husband was having a tough time with Jacob, explaining that he could get a rash from holding the cat and that his nose would get really stuffed up when he was around the pet. “But he loves animals so much that he’s willing to make that sacrifice,” she added. 

Sadly, it seems that Jeremy’s allergies got to be too much. When he and Jinger decided to relocate, they opted to find a new home for their pet, presumably with a family that doesn’t suffer from pet allergies. Here’s hoping that Jake the cat is enjoying his new surroundings!