‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Wants to Take Jinger and Felicity to Visit This Country

Could more international travel be in Jinger Duggar’s future? It might be. Her husband Jeremy Vuolo recently revealed on Instagram that he’d love to take his wife and daughter on a trip to visit Sweden. 

Jeremy and Jinger’s daughter enjoys a smörgåsbord

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Saturday morning Smorgasbord

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Recently, Jeremy shared a photo on Instagram of his one-year-old daughter Felicity enjoying a “Saturday morning Smorgasbord.” The little girl chowed down on a selection of peas, fruit and some other bite-size food. 

“So so so cute!” commented Jinger’s big sister Jill on the photo. 

“Cute and what a good yummy breakfast!!” wrote one follower. 

Another fan took note of how Jeremy described Felicity’s morning meal. A smörgåsbord is a traditional Swedish buffet, and the fan urged the Counting On star to travel to the country to enjoy the real thing. 

“You should visit Sweden, “smörgåsbord” are our specialty, every Christmas, midsummer, Easter and more….,” the person wrote. 

Jeremy says he’d love to take Jinger and Felicity to Sweden 

Stockholm skyline
Stockholm, Sweden | Suchit Nanda/Majority World/UIG via Gety Images

Jeremy responded to the fan’s comment about Swedish food and mentioned that he enjoyed spending time in the country’s capital. He also revealed that he’d love to take his family on a vacation to the country eventually. 

“I know! I enjoyed it during summer in Stockholm – I want to take Jinger and Felicity to Sweden someday,” the seminary student wrote. 

A former professional soccer player, Jeremy spent time in Europe when he was playing with a Finnish club after graduating from college. His time in Scandinavia obviously made a big impression on him. 

Jinger and Jeremy honeymooned in Australia 

Jinger and Jeremy have traveled around the United States quite a bit since getting married, visiting places like San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, as well as making time to see his parents in Pennsylvania and hers in Arkansas. Plus, the couple moved from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles, California this summer. But as far as we know, the couple hasn’t ventured outside the country since their honeymoon in Australia in late 2016.

The Counting On couple traveled down under to celebrate their marriage. The pair visited Sydney, took an Australian cooking lesson, and spent time at the Symbio Wildlife Park, where they got to interact with koalas, echidna, kangaroos, and other Australian critters. 

Jinger and Jeremy are pretty well-traveled.

While Jinger and Jeremy haven’t been abroad recently, both are pretty well-traveled. In addition to living abroad during his pro soccer days, Jeremy joined Jinger and her family on a mission trip to Central America.

Jinger also traveled quite a bit with her family before she got married. She visited Ireland, Japan, China, and Israel, among other places. Since then, Jinger has said that’d she’d like to visit Italy — or perhaps even live in Europe. Though she’s visited the continent before, that’s one country she hasn’t been too.

With a young child to care for and Jeremy being busy with school (he’s currently working toward a graduate degree at the Master’s Seminary), the couple might not be planning any big overseas vacations in the near future. But Jinger and Jeremy have proven they’re up for adventure, so it seems likely that travel will be back on their agenda at some point. 

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