‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Is Stressed That Her Son, Henry, Is Developmentally Delayed

We may not hear too much from Jessa Duggar on Instagram these days, but that’s because the mom of three has her hands full. Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, have two sons and a 5-month-old daughter, and it’s clear they’re busier than ever before. While Jessa has been infrequently posting photos of her kids, we’re not seeing too much of the mother herself these days. Thankfully, she’s featured a ton on this season of Counting On, so we get to hear about what she’s been up to that she hasn’t shared with Instagram.

Recently on the show, she shared that she was worried her middle child, Henry, may have developmental delays. Here’s why she had these concerns and what the doctors had to say.

Jessa Duggar’s birth to Henry was easier than her birth to Spurgeon

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The Duggars are known for having a ton of kids. Unfortunately, they’re also known for having difficult home births that result in dangerous situations and hospital stays. Jessa had a difficult time giving birth to her first child, Spurgeon, as she labored for two days before he arrived, People notes. Thankfully, her pregnancy with Henry seemed to go much smoother.

“Labor is labor, but it was calm and relaxed,” Jessa told the publication back in 2017. “Ben and I were surprised how fast it went.” Now, Henry is 2 years old, and fans are loving all the photos of the little boy with his older and younger siblings that Jessa has been posting as of late. It seems like Henry has taken a particular liking to little Ivy, too, as evidenced by this photo of the little boy holding his sister. “He loves to hold his ‘Bae Ivy,'” Jessa captioned the post.

She said on ‘Counting On’ that she was worried about potential developmental delays

Jessa and her husband mentioned they’re concerned that Henry isn’t developing at a normal pace on this season of Counting On. For that reason, the couple took their son to the Ear, Nose, & Throat Center of the Ozarks to get him evaluated and have his hearing checked for any abnormalities. “We realized probably since he was about 18 months old that he wasn’t communicating like his older brother did at that age or like other kids his age,” Jessa stated. She then noted that Henry has a lot of trouble talking and communicating, which concerns her and Ben. “A lot of the times it’s just grunts and pointing and that kind of thing.”

Jessa also noted that she thinks because she’s Henry’s mother, it’s easier for her to jump to conclusions that he could be developmentally delayed. Ben, however, seems more level-headed about the situation and didn’t fret. And After Henry got his ears checked, the doctors had good news. It seems Henry’s hearing is totally normal. As for his development, the doctors also noted he seems to be on track there, too.

Doctors think Henry may need speech therapy

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He loves to hold his “Bae Ivy”.

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So, why isn’t Henry as talkative as other 2-year-olds? Jessa mentioned to the doctors that Henry had a severe tongue-tie that had to be cut when he was born, so this could have something to do with it. “It just seems to be a speech issue, and so at this point, she’s recommended that we see a speech pathologist and go from there,” Jessa said about her doctor’s diagnosis of her son.

Michelle, Jessa’s mom, also chimed in. “I think just learning more about it helps to take away a lot of the fears and gives you really a goal, a plan to work towards to help. So I think they’ve done a really good job.”

We’re glad nothing too serious is going on with Henry, as this must bring Jessa and Ben a lot of peace of mind, too. We’ll be interested to see if a speech pathologist can assist in any way here as well.

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