‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Just Made a Major Change to Her Instagram

It’s hard to believe we’re already 10 seasons into Counting On when fans have been watching the Duggars for over a decade. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar originally brought their 19 children into the spotlight with 19 Kids and Counting. And now, it’s their adult children who are taking over reality TV, social media, and major news outlets.

Jessa Duggar has three young kids with her husband, Ben Seewald — and she’s been a fan favorite since she was a young teen on the small screen. While she seems to enjoy being on camera, fans noticed she appeared to step out of the social media spotlight for quite awhile. But now, it seems her Instagram has undergone some major changes. Here’s what we noticed.

Jessa Duggar wasn’t posting many photos of herself to Instagram

The Duggars typically get their own Instagram accounts after they’ve married or moved out of the Duggar family home. While there have been a few exceptions to this rule (Jana has her own account and remains unmarried and living under her parents’ roof), Jessa is not one of them. She’s used her Instagram account to feature herself and her husband, Ben, since they tied the knot. And now that they have three children, she uses the platform to share photos of her sweet family with her 2.1 million followers.

Since Season 10 of Counting On premiered, however, fans noticed Jessa seemed to go on a complete Instagram hiatus — at least as far as posting photos of herself. Every now and again she’d add posts of her kids and Ben, but Jessa was nowhere to be found in any of them. Concerned fans even took to the Duggar Family Instagram to ask if she’s OK.

The Duggar Family Instagram noticed everyone’s concerns over Jessa, so they answered. “She is doing great! Busy taking care of her little ones!” they answered on a photo of Ben.

She’s been adding more photos of herself with her family since mid-November

It looks like Jessa may be listening to fan concerns after all. Before November, we didn’t see much of the famous Duggar except for the occasional (and temporary) post on her Instagram Story. But she started posting photos of herself along with her family on Nov. 14.

She, Ben, and their three kids, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy, took an adorable family photo together surrounded by fall foliage. And they also took a photo with Ben’s huge family.

“Some of my favorite people right here! So blessed to call them family,” Jessa captioned the photo of her family along with Ben’s.

Then, on Nov. 26, Jessa added her first photo of just herself with baby Ivy since Ivy’s birth. “My little cuddle bug,” she captioned the post.

Jessa just changed her Instagram profile photo back to one of herself

Not only was Jessa not posting photos of herself, but she even changed her Instagram profile photo to one of Ben. Now, she changed it back to one of just herself. And we’re hoping this may mean Jessa is back to posting photos of herself along with ones of her kids and husband.

The timing of Jessa’s photo change is also interesting. As we know, Homeland Security investigators were checking out Josh Duggar’s car lot. The Duggar Family Instagram stated the investigation was just a rumor, but news outlets are stating otherwise. Jessa hasn’t made any comment about the investigation as of now, but perhaps she’s giving Duggar family followers something else to focus on with some fresh new social media content.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re happy to see Jessa thriving on the ‘gram once more!

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