‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Keeps Her Kids Entertained With This One Brilliant Trick

The Duggars may have made tons of money from real estate investments and turning their lives into reality TV shows, but that doesn’t mean they’re wasteful with that extra cash. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar instilled a sense of thriftiness that’s playing out now with their married adult children.

Even though their Arkansas home is sprawling, the Duggars still practice minimalism and avoid owning too many material items. There are only three bedrooms at the Duggar house – one for the parents, one for the boys, and one for the girls. Jessa Duggar obviously took some of her mom’s teaching to heart

What has Jessa Duggar been up to lately?

Jessa Seewald has been on a decluttering kick lately that began in the living room and is quickly moving on to other aspects of her life. It couldn’t come at a better time – she’s also expecting her third child with husband Ben Seewald. Here’s how they’re keeping their kids entertained without spending a ton of money.

Jessa Seewald shares her tips and tricks on Instagram

Like so many other Counting On stars, Jessa isn’t shy about sharing intimate details of her life on Instagram with photos. Recently, she posted a very sweet photo of her sons Spurgeon and Henry playing with some very simple toys in the backyard.

The toys look normal enough – but it’s their source that made fans say, “Wow, brilliant!” The Insta post was captioned with the following:

“$14 worth of thrift store finds that will occupy them for endless hours! 😍 Backhoe, firetruck, loader, dump truck, and two kitchen ladles. 😄”

She’s been embracing minimalism

This new post comes just days after Jessa posted her big living room renovation and bedroom update. For both endeavors, Jessa painted the walls a lighter color to make the space look larger plus got rid of bulky furniture. In the case of her bedroom, Jessa decided to leave her bed on the floor rather than replacing the oversized bedframe and nightstands.

One essential part of minimalism is avoiding the temptation of buying new stuff in favor of reusing what you already have. When Jessa purged her stuff from the living room, she got rid of some toys. And instead of buying brand new items to replace them, she went thrifting to find new stuff to keep her boys entertained.

It’s not the first time Jessa has shared the power of the thrift store. Another recent post explains that most of her children’s clothing is secondhand, too.

Jessa learned that less is more

Ever hear that old adage that when you buy your kids fancy toys, all they want to do is play with the box? Clearly Jessa is onto something with her method of purchasing previously used, less expensive toys for her children. There’s no reason to waste hundreds of dollars on fancy new things – especially toys that are literally meant to get dirty.

Plus, with Jessa’s new focus on paring down, she’s trying to find a way to keep fewer toys yet keep her kids entertained. Obviously she’s doing a great job and her kids seem to love it!