‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Shared That Her Parents Get the Kids Beef Jerky as Part of Their Christmas Gift

The holidays mean a lot to the Duggar family, as it’s a time for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to bring all their 19 kids and many grandkids together. In 2019, the family all went over to the huge Arkansas estate to celebrate, exchange gifts, eat a delicious meal, and participate in religious activities. While fans can see bits and pieces of the holiday on Instagram, Jessa Duggar captured the day perfectly with a YouTube video.

Jessa lives close to her parents with her husband, Ben Seewald, and their three kids. And she’s been making more and more videos for YouTube to document her adult life as a mom, wife, and notable Duggar daughter. As for the Christmas festivities, she showed how the family exchanges gifts and the odd gift Jim Bob and Michelle got for the kids.

The Duggars just celebrated Christmas at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house

It’s no surprise that the Duggars adore Christmas. They have multiple huge family gatherings throughout the year. And since they’re deeply religious, Christmas is the perfect time for Jim Bob and Michelle to remind their kids and grandkids what life is all about — and to them, that’s spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

“Christmas is a perfect time to celebrate the love of family, exchange gifts, and create special memories that will last a lifetime. But most of all, we celebrate JESUS—God’s perfect, indescribable gift,” Jim Bob captioned his Christmas photos on the Duggar Family Instagram. “The one and only Son of God came to earth as a baby for the purpose of giving His life for us. Of all the gifts we could ever receive, this is the very best!”

Jana Duggar added many photos of Christmas Day to her Instagram, too. Her photos included the big breakfast spread, the gifts, and all the little kids running around the house with excitement.

Jessa Duggar explained how the gift exchanging works in the family

Jessa’s video pans over the many gifts present in the Duggar home during the holidays. And she explained a bit about how the gift-giving works.

“Each person buys for one other person in the family,” she notes in the video. “And there’s no set number of gifts that you have to give but usually … it’s about three to five gifts per person.” Not only that, but Jessa further explained that the youngest kids get to tear into their gifts first, which makes sense considering how excited they all appear over the wrapped presents.

Jana also explained the highly-organized gift-giving operation on her Instagram.

“For several years now we’ve drawn names for our family Christmas gift exchange. We have 4 groupings… older boys, younger boys, older girls and younger girls. Everyone gets one person’s name from their same category to buy for!” Jana wrote. “Everyone gets one person’s name from their same category to buy for! We’ve loved using this system, and it allows us to get much nicer gifts to give rather than everyone having to buy for everyone and only doing $1 items.”

Jessa noted beef jerky is part of the gift

Jana commented back to one of her followers on Instagram and noted that Jim Bob and Michelle will still get a gift for every one of their kids. And Jessa gave a sneak peek into what that gift might be.

“My parents usually always [fill] these little gift bags for each one of us with beef jerky, candy, and special treats,” Jessa said as she panned over all the plastic baggies.

Considering what we know about the Duggars, this isn’t too surprising. Michelle used to talk about their strict grocery budget when the kids were young, and it didn’t seem like they had too much extra money to spend on treats. We’re guessing beef jerky is a favorite snack amongst the family, just like pickles are. Moms.com spied Michelle writing names on bagged pickles in Jessa’s video, too, so it looks like that snack made it to Christmas Day as well.

Beef jerky and pickles may be unconventional, but such is the Duggar way!

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