‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar’s Son Coins an Adorable New Word After She Says She’s Feeling Tired

Kids certainly have a way with words. After Jessa Duggar’s son Spurgeon overheard her talking about feeling tired, he coined a cute new term for exhaustion, the Counting On star shared in a recent Instagram post. 

Jessa Duggar’s son invents a new word: ‘Guzausted’

Like a lot of parents, Jessa, 27, sometimes has moments where she’s feeling pretty fried. After all, she’s the mom of three little ones: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 10 months. So it’s totally understandable when she told her husband Ben Seewald, 24, that she was feeling “pooped.” But the statement caused some confusion with her boys. 

Henry thought she had to use the bathroom, asking his mom: “You need to go in the potty?”

Jessa explained what she really meant, telling him: “No, when I say ‘I feel pooped’ it means I feel tired.”

But Spurgeon was quick to correct his mom. 

“No, that’s ‘guzausted.’ Guzausted means you’re tired,” he said, inventing his own word for “exhausted.”

Fans shared funny things their own kids have said 

Jessa’s Instagram followers got a kick out of her funny anecdote. Many shared funny malapropisms they’d heard from their own kids. 

One shared that her son also had trouble with the word exhausted, saying “egg sausaged” instead. Another commenter said that her kid used to say “inch fries” instead of “French fries” and “bathing soups” for “bathing suits.” 

“My son says ‘I’m so rehydrated’ when he’s thirsty,” wrote another. 

And it seems like Spurgeon’s word might catch on. Many commented that they were also feeling “guzausted” right now.

Jessa loves sharing funny stories about her kids 

Jessa Duggar Seewald
Jessa Duggar and Ivy Jane | jessaseewald via Instagram

This isn’t the first time that Jessa has shared a funny story about her kids on Instagram. In February, she revealed that Spurgeon has some interesting ideas about anatomy

In a video, Jessa asks her oldest son why he didn’t eat more of his chicken nuggets at dinner. 

“We have two stomachs,” he explains. “My dinner stomach got full right here,” he explains as he points to one side of his stomach. “And the other one is not,” he continues as he points to the other side.

It seems that Spurgeon was concerned about being too full to eat dessert. Jessa explains that he can just say that he’s saving room. But Spurgeon sticks to his assertion that people have two stomachs. 

“Actually, God made us like that. With two stomachs,” he says. “He gave people two stomachs and dogs one stomach.”

Jessa’s other son has had speech difficulties 

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Brothers. Best friends.

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While Spurgeon is quite the word wonder, Jessa’s second child has struggled a bit with his speech. After she and Ben grew concerned that Henry wasn’t talking much and had a limited vocabulary for his age, they took him to see a speech pathologist. The intervention seems to have helped, with Jessa reporting than Henry is now caught up with his speech. 

“Henry went from practically no words on his 2nd birthday, to being caught up now as he’s turning 3!” Jessa wrote on Instagram after someone asked for an update on his status. “Praising the Lord for this answer to our prayers.”

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