‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Admitted She Dressed Up for Halloween for ‘Free/Cheap Food’

Spooky season is officially over and the holidays are quickly approaching — and while many celebrate and adore Halloween, no one imagined Jill Duggar would be participating. Jill first gained fame for participating in TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and the rest of the Duggars are well-known for their strict rules and antiquated ways. While Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer on the Duggar show Counting On, fans adore keeping up with the couple online — even if it means seeing their controversial Instagram posts.

As far as Halloween is concerned, Jill posted a photo of Derick and their two sons, Samuel and Israel, in costume to the ‘gram. It doesn’t look like they went trick-or-treating, however. Instead, Jill posted about the “free/cheap food” they were after.

The Duggars are known for loving a good deal

AJ Calloway interviews Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick Dillard during their visit to 'Extra'
AJ Calloway interviews Jill Duggar Dillard and husband Derick Dillard during their visit to ‘Extra’ | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Back when the Duggars first entered the world of reality TV, they became known for their money-saving ways. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar famously have 19 children. And when all of their kids were still living under their roof, they cut costs by buying groceries in bulk, shopping for their clothing secondhand, and always looking for the best deals on anything they could find.

Michelle used to share her budget on TV too. As Romper notes, she had a hard limit of spending $3,000 per month on groceries, and Michelle also noted that the family would bake their own bread and buy their whole-grains in bulk to save even more. “We teach our 19 kids to be responsible about money. And when they’ve saved up for something we encourage them to see if they can find it on Craigslist or in a thrift store, or just be patient to see if it goes on sale before buying it new,” the mom said.

Jill Duggar has been shamed before for going for store freebies in the past

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Michelle has certainly imparted her wisdom on her kids, as Jessa and Jinger have talked about how they keep their style current and cool with secondhand clothing in the past. And Jill has also made it known that she loves a deal when she sees one. Back in July 2018, Jill shared a photo of her family in cow outfits for free food at Chick-fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day. And on National Donut Day, the mother of two posted a photo to Instagram when she got free donuts from Krispy Kreme.

While some praise Jill for her thriftiness, not everyone’s happy with it. On the Krispy Kreme post, one follower commented, “Did you buy anything? I’m all for freebies – but at least buy a coffee or something. It’s annoyingly when you, your family and extended family take advantage of these places and ruin it for the rest of us.” And many others insinuated that Jill and Derick abused the giveaways.

She just admitted to dressing up for Halloween for free food

It looks like Jill is out for a deal once again, as she posted a photo of her family dressed up in costume for Halloween with the caption, “We had a blast. We enjoyed dressing up this evening and going out for some family fall fun and Halloween freebies & deals!” She then noted that she stopped at Sonic for 50-cent corn dogs, Chipotle for $4 “booritos” and free guacamole, and Krispy Kreme for free donuts.

Jill mentioned all the freebies in her Instagram Story, too. “Last minute costumes for free/cheap food lol,” she captioned her Story. And she also added a few videos of her eating her Chipotle burrito in the car while Derick took the kids inside Krispy Kreme for donuts.

Some of Jill’s followers aren’t loving her Halloween adventure, however. “Take the poor kids out trick or treating for some real fun, not just so you can get ‘freebies,'” one wrote. And others took issue that she celebrated the holiday at all even if she didn’t partake in trick-or-treating. Either way, it seems Jill and Derick had fun — and we’re sure this is far from the last time we’ll hear about them hunting for deals.

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