‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Has Been Breaking Duggar Family Rules for Years

Duggar family followers have noticed that Jill Duggar is experiencing something of a metamorphosis in recent months. Shortly before Christmas, Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, took to Instagram to spill some family tea, and they’ve been making interesting moves ever since. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may not be here for it, family followers very much are. It, however, looks like Jill’s been sidestepping the rules for years, and followers just didn’t notice.

Jill’s been wearing shorts for years

It looks like Jill’s split from her family’s belief system has been years in the making. Recently an old photo of Jill wearing shorts has surfaced on Reddit. While the shorts are far from immodest, they do show off a fair bit of Jill’s legs, a decision that is most assuredly against the Duggar family’s modest dress code.  

While Jill is happy to let her knees see the sun, Jana Duggar, the family’s eldest daughter, was so shaken by the notion of legs in August 2019, that she photoshopped skirts onto two women who were seen in the background of one of her photos. The photoshopping led to significant backlash. Jinger Duggar, who currently lives in Los Angeles, also discussed her decision to wear pants in a tearful interview on Counting On, suggesting that the decision to bear one’s legs is kind of a big deal for the Duggar family.

Several recent decisions by Jill and Derick indicate the split is complete

While Jill’s decision to don pants and shorts may be old news, her more recent choices have been making headlines. Not only has Derick decided to out JimBob as money-hungry, but he’s also shared how deeply Jill has been affected by the family’s shows and scandals. In fact, he is the first person who has openly identified Jill as a victim of abuse.

The couple has also made the decision to enroll their eldest child, Israel Dillard, in public school, an option that seemed off the table for Duggar offspring. Jill was homeschooled for the entirety of her education and appeared to be following suit with her own children, until the surprise announcement. Israel is set to begin Kindergarten in August 2020. Jill and Derick’s youngest son, Samuel, is still too young for public education, although if all goes well for Israel, Sam will likely join the public school system when he is old enough.

Jill and Derick don’t seem welcome in the Duggar family

While the duo has been making shocking choices, at least by Duggar standards, fans have been excitedly following along. Most followers believe the decisions the pair have made are definitely in their best interest and in the best interest of their children, but Jim Bob and Michelle likely aren’t pleased. Jill has only recently surfaced in a photo with the family, after spending more than two years unmentioned by her siblings and parents.

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, recently posted a video to YouTube that suggests they spend every Monday evening with the Duggar clan for “family time,” suggesting they are closely connected with the family. That seems to be in stark contrast to what Derick has described in his social media postings. The law school student has claimed that he and his wife are not welcome in the family’s Springdale, Arkansas home unless Jim Bob is present, and they even needed permission to be in the house when Jessa Duggar went into labor, even though the entire family, save for Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, were out of town at the time.