‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Insists She “Loves” Staying Home With her Boys, But Fans are Unconvinced.

Jill Duggar has a lot going on these days. Rumors are swirling that her extended family is being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security, and a genuine feud is still ongoing between her father, Jim Bob Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard. She is also the primary caregiver for her two young sons. Overwhelmed seems like the default setting for someone dealing with so much, and followers are beginning to notice. A fan even commented on Jill’s current level of stress, but the mother of two insists she absolutely loves staying home with her sons. Followers aren’t convinced though. To be honest, Jill’s looked pretty overwhelmed with the mom life for awhile.

Jill responded to a follower on Instagram

Jill took to Instagram to share that she was enjoying some quiet time while her sons, Israel and Sam, were napping. With gummy candy in hand, the mother of two sat down for some reading. Jill seemed excited to finally have some peace and quiet, which prompted a follower to suggest she might want to consider putting her children in school. The Duggar family has long been committed to homeschooling, and Jill seems to be following her family’s lead on education, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

The follower, who seemed genuinely concerned about Jill’s mindset, suggested she get a job or go back to school herself. Jill thanked the commenter for their suggestion but insisted she is absolutely loving her life right now at home with her boys. She did say that she and her husband periodically reassess their goals and the steps they are taking to achieve those goals, so putting the boys in school doesn’t seem totally out of the question. Still, followers aren’t exactly sure she’s loving life at home like she says.

Jill seemed overwhelmed by her sons’ idea of a good time in October

Jill and Derick’s two boys are pretty active, It would seem. While Jill is home with them all day long, there still seems to be moments when the duo gets themselves into some mischief. In October 2019, Jill took to Instagram to share her frustration with how quickly her two boys could get into trouble. This incident included a barbeque grill, some charcoal, and just 3 seconds of her not watching them.  

In the post, Jill notes that it took her boys roughly “3.2 seconds” to fashion the charcoal from the family’s grill into sidewalk chalk. She insists this happened after she pulled them out of mud puddles, and prevented them from throwing grass clippings at one another. Jill tried to make it all seem lighthearted, but based on the video, she looks like she was pretty much over their shenanigans, and it still seemed to be pretty early in the day.

The following month there was a toilet bowl mishap

It would seem that Sam and Israel have an awful lot of free time in their day, and the way they are choosing to use it has caused some serious concern from fans. In November 2019, Jill took to Instagram to inform her followers that her youngest son, Sam, found his way into the bathroom for some quiet time. His idea of quiet time doesn’t really align with most people’s idea of quiet time, though.

Sam took to the bathroom to unleash an entire roll of toilet paper so he could use the cardboard holder as a trumpet. He also needed a little snack while he was hanging out in there. While a lot of people can enjoy their cereal dry, Sam isn’t one of those individuals. To moisten his snack, he apparently used toilet water. Again, Jill tried to make the whole incident seem like it was all in good fun, but fans seriously questioned not only her parenting but whether or not she’s genuinely enjoying the stay-at-home mom life.

Jill seems completely gutted every time Derick leaves for school

Most parents will admit that spending all day, every day with their kids can be pretty trying, but Jill seems to be more overwhelmed than most. In fact, many have wondered if she’s suffering a bit more than is considered normal. The mother of two took to Instagram back in December 2019 to suggest the saddest part of her day is when her husband leaves for school. 

Sure, she obviously meant it as a sweet ode to her husband of five years, but some followers pointed out that it may be a little more than that. After all, Derick comes home every night, and while missing your significant other is sweet, having them leave for a few hours shouldn’t be the saddest part of your whole day. Jill also seems to make regular trips to seek him out at school, which some followers find a little bit odd.