‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Just Broke One Of Derick Dillard And Jim Bob Duggar’s Biggest Rules

Counting On fans know all about the strict Duggar dress code imposed by parents Jim Bob and Michelle, with most of the rules falling on the female members of the family. In the past, the ultra-conservative clan has explained their modest clothing choices by giving two reasons.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar family rules

First, the women should cover everything from neck to knee, so they don’t tempt men with their bodies. And second, the women are covering their bodies because they are a gift from God, and only meant for their future husbands.

However, when the girls grow up and get married, the rule-maker in their lives changes from dad to husband, and as the Duggar girls get married, some of their fashion choices have evolved thanks to lighter restrictions from their spouses. Jill Duggar was once a big believer in her dad’s strict rules, but after five years of marriage, even she has made some significant changes.

Jill Duggar took her dad’s dress code to a place no one expected

Even though the rules are to cover everything from neck to knee, most of the Duggar girls play it safe and wear floor-length skirts and dresses. When she lived at home, Jill was one of the daughters that took her dad’s rules so seriously, there were no exceptions no matter where she was.

When she was on the beach or going swimming, she wore a knee-length dress with short sleeves. When she was in the gym, Jill opted for a t-shirt and a long skirt. And, when she was a volunteer firefighter, she refused to wear the traditional gear, and used her sewing skills to turn her Nomex uniform pants into a long skirt she could wear while fighting fires.

She was obviously committed to the modest dress code her parents had been forcing upon her since birth.

Jill’s fashion rebellion has shocked fans

When Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard in June 2014, no one expected her to turn her back on her dad’s dress code. Jim Bob essentially hand-picked Dillard to be Jill’s husband, so there was no reason to believe he would be any more lenient than his father-in-law.

But, little by little Jill has rebelled, to the shock of many fans. She dipped her toe into rebel waters when she got a henna tattoo and pierced her nose in late 2017. Then, the first picture surfaced of Jill wearing pants.

Before long, Jill started posting pictures on Instagram of herself wearing jeans, high heels, shorter skirts, and even a swimsuit (she was in her backyard, and fans could only see her from the shoulders up).

Now, Jill has kicked the rebellion up another notch with her latest social media post.

Jill Duggar wears short shorts

According to In Touch Weekly, Jill’s friend Danielle Gonzalez recently posted a pic on Instagram of Duggar attending her son Josh’s Pre-K graduation, and it featured the 28-year-old wearing short shorts. They aren’t Daisy Dukes, but these shorts definitely have the highest hemline fans have ever seen Jill wear.

While this choice isn’t controversial to just about anyone who lives outside of the fundamental Christian world, this is a big deal in the Duggar universe, and fans took notice.

Jill Duggar breaks a lot of family rules

In addition to turning her back on Jim Bob’s dress code, Jill has also done things her own way when it comes to raising her kids and celebrating holidays.

Last year, she ignored another Duggar rule and dared to put up a Christmas tree in her home. Jim Bob and Michelle have always taught their kids that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not a day for secular ideas like Santa Claus and Christmas trees.

Every December 25th the family throws Jesus a birthday party complete with a big banner that says “Happy Birthday Jesus” and a huge family meal, but no Christmas tree. Jill – who is the mom of Israel, 4, and Samuel, 22 months – appears to be starting her own traditions with her family, and it doesn’t matter if the Christmas tree has a pagan-based history.

Jill’s parenting her own way too

Jill also revealed last year that she lets her boys watch secular cartoons. In a May 2018 Instagram post, Jill Duggar shared with fans that Israel had gotten hold of her phone and took a bunch of pictures of Peppa Pig on TV.

This was another big change from her childhood. Jim Bob and Michelle only let the kids watch Christian-based movies and classic TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show and do not have a television in their home with access to cable, satellite, or streaming services.

Jill’s rebellion is starting to equal that of Jinger’s, the resident Duggar rebel. Now, all she has to do is move to Los Angeles or New York, and she might just take that title away from her little sister.