‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar’s Recent Photo Just Made It Clear That She’s Not Fighting With Her Sisters

Over the past few years, it has seemed like Jill Duggar has become the black sheep of her reality television family. Ever since Jill and her husband left Counting On back in 2017, she’s spent less and less time with her family. For a while, fans suspected she’d had a falling out with her siblings, since they never leave comments on her social media posts or post pictures spending time with her. But Duggar’s recent photos just cleared the air.

Jill Duggar with Jana, Jinger, and Jessa Duggar
Jill Duggar with her sisters, Jana, Jinger, and Jessa Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jill and her husband left ‘Counting On’ in 2017

Back in 2017, The Dillard family opted not to return to the Duggar’s popular reality show, and many fans thought it had to do with Derick’s controversial comments about other TLC stars. However, Jill and Derick have both insisted that he was not fired from the show. Jill recently answered a fan’s question about their departure from Counting On, where she said their reality TV stint started to become a bit much for their family.

Jill has since said that she and Derick have no plans to return to the show, though some think that Derick and Jim Bob’s supposed feud is the real reason behind their departure.

Many have suspected Jill was feuding with her famous family

When Jill and Derick left the show, many started to suspect that she was feuding with her family. Jill suddenly stopped attending family events, and she and Derick were nowhere to be found on the Duggar family’s Instagrams. Plus, Jill’s kids have hardly spent any time with their cousins recently, despite Jessa Duggar’s kids being the same age.

Fans had noticed that Jill’s family seemed distant from the other Duggars, but she never answered anyone’s questions about what could be going on between her and her siblings. At one point, Jill, Jana, Jinger, and Jessa were extremely close, but it was obvious some distance had settled between them.

Jill’s recent haircut photo sparked many compliments from her family

Jill recently made a huge decision to cut 14 inches of hair off. The Duggar women have always had very long, wavy hair; in the Bible, hair is part of a woman’s “glory,” so the daughters were always raised to keep their long hair. However, Jill decided it was time for a change, and she chose to have 14 inches cut off and donated.

Fans love the new look, but her haircut photos also received comments from some surprising people: Her sisters. “You hair looks cute, Jilly!” Jessa Duggar commented. Jessa later wrote, “You’re beautiful!” on another one of Jill’s hair posts, complete with a heart emoji. “So cute! Love your hair cute!” Jana Duggar wrote. It was unusual to see the sisters commenting on Jill’s posts, but it made it clear that there was no feud.

Some suspect Derick is still feuding with his in-laws  

Though it’s clear there is no bad blood between Jill and her sisters, it still seems that Derick and his in-laws don’t get along. Derick recently took to Twitter to insinuate that Jim Bob prevents his children from earning their fair share of the Counting On salary. Derick could be the reason Jill doesn’t spend much time with her family, though the two don’t talk about whether there are actually problems between Derick and his father-in-law.