‘Counting On’: Jill Duggars’ Instagram Post at a Funeral Has Fans Furious

Jill Duggar’s Instagram activity has gotten her into hot water with her followers yet again. Yesterday, Jill took to the photo-sharing platform to upload a snapshot from a funeral she attended. The picture featured the casket of a young child. According to online sleuths, the funeral was held for a baby who died at just one-month-old. It is rumored that the baby was a family member.  Jill’s decision to post the photo has many followers angry, and a debate has broken out in the comment section of the post.

Fans are divided over the appropriateness of the post

Just like with everything else Jill posts, fans are divided about the propriety of the snapshot. Several followers were dismayed by the post, noting that it seems wildly inappropriate to take photos at a funeral. Others were concerned that Jill was profiting off of the loss of someone else’s child. One follower said, “It is different if its your child or family member and want to post a picture in their memory. However, this isn’t her child. Not everything has to be played out and put on social media.”

Fans of the supersized family, however, didn’t think there was anything wrong with the post. Several noted that casket pictures are not particularly uncommon and that more people than ever are taking photos at funerals to remember their loved ones. Does the fact that “everyone is doing it” really make it okay, though?

Are there etiquette rules around photography at funerals?

While a lot of people would never dream of pulling out their phone at a funeral to grab a snapshot, there is a large enough subsect of people who think it’s perfectly okay to warrant actual etiquette rules. According to The Spruce, certain circumstances make it alright to take photos at a funeral.

The lengthy article suggests that it’s okay to take photos to remember the event, but it’s never okay to take photos without permission. The author also suggests that the pictures should not be taken where the service is being held, and that flash should never be used.

Above all, it’s suggested that the photos containing images of the deceased should never be posted to social media. One can assume that would include pictures of the casket, which is precisely what Jill decided to post. While her heart may have been in the right place, and her accompanying caption was meant to bring peace, most followers found the decision to be in poor taste.

Jill’s Instagram activity gives fans pause on a regular basis

While Jill’s most recent faux pas has everyone talking, it’s far from the first time she’s made a blunder on social media and angered her followers. In fact, it seems like she makes a social media mistake every other week. In the last four months, there have been no fewer than five controversies surrounding her posts.

First, Jill caught the ire of fans when she posted about her use of the Kama Sutra. Her ultra-conservative Christian followers were dismayed to find out the mother of two was using the guide and promoting it. Those who don’t share Jill’s beliefs simply found the entire post to be too much information about her sex life.

Jill was also lambasted on social media for the way she handled her grandmother’s death on the platform. Mary Duggar died suddenly in an accident at home. Jill took to Instagram to pay tribute to the family matriarch, but her use of emojis angered fans and even some family members. Jill’s emoji etiquette is questionable at best.

Jill was also recently criticized for her parenting when she uploaded a video of her distressed child. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, set out for church with a broken car window. Allegedly, the flapping of the bag they used to cover the window was terrifying their youngest son. Fans were bothered by the fact that Jill not only filmed the scene but decided to post it to social media.