‘Counting On’: Jim Bob and Michelle Had Help from Church Elders to Cover Up Josh’s Transgressions

The Duggar family was pretty well-known to fans of reality TV for more than a decade. The family’s fame increased in 2015 when they found themselves embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal. While the news broke nationally in 2015, there were rumors and rumblings of inappropriate behavior for years.

Now, a family insider has finally spoken up about what it was like to be involved In the church when the behavior came to light. One massive takeaway from the former church member’s account is that Jim Bob and Michelle both worked to cover for Josh.

Lawyers were hired to bury the scandal

Jim Bob and Michelle jumped into damage control mode the moment Josh’s behavior became public back in 2015. It sounds like they were well-versed in crisis management before then, though. A former church member spoke to Radar about Joshua’s scandal. Allegedly, the source was part of the family’s church during the early 2000s when the inappropriate touching occurred

According to the anonymous source, Jim Bob and several church elders moved quickly to try and hide Josh’s behavior. Lawyers were allegedly hired to help launch a coverup. They also reportedly worked to seal the police records that would eventually resurface. The insider went on to allege that all member of the church were told to keep things quiet.

Sexual abuse was not uncommon in the church, according to an anonymous source

Prior to Radar’s interview with a former church member, a Facebook group moderator was granted access to an individual who was once close to the Duggars. The Facebook group, Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, published a Q&A with the former family insider. According to the insider, sexual abuse was not particularly unknown in the small home church.

The alleged insider claims that while there were instances of abuse within the home church, she was not aware of any of the Duggar boys being abused. The source did not delve into how those allegations were handled. They did, however, confirm the punishment that Joshua received for his actions. A Radar report alleges that Joshua had his head shaved as part of his punishment.

 Did Jim Bob and Michelle know they’d become famous?

Josh’s inappropriate behavior occurred years before the family became famous, but it seems like Jim Bob had his eye on fame when the incidents occurred. Prior to becoming a reality TV star, Jim Bob had political aspirations. It’s likely the father of 19 worked so diligently to cover up Joshua’s actions to avoid upending his political career.

While politics didn’t work out for the family patriarch, reality TV came knocking. Anyone who recalls the family’s early TV specials and even the first season of the family’s television show on TLC will remember that Joshua was pushed into the spotlight.

Not only did he help narrate the earlier specials, but he also took on a leadership role among his younger siblings. Considering it all now, it appears like a contrived effort to make Joshua look as clean cut as possible, regardless of the skeletons in his closet.