‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Said Having Babies Is ‘Better Than Someone Giving You a Billion Dollars’

Those who know the Duggar family know they absolutely adore children. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids total — and they would’ve had even more if the opportunity arose. Now, it’s their oldest kids’ turns to start their families. And Jinger is the next Duggar daughter to be expecting a child.

When Jinger announced her pregnancy to her family, everyone was overjoyed. And Jim Bob even mentioned that having babies is worth even more than “a billion dollars.” Here’s what he said.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo announced their pregnancy to the Duggars using gingerbread people

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The Duggars are all about a creative pregnancy announcement. And Jeremy and Jinger wanted to wow the Duggars right around Christmas with their announcement. Many of the Duggars got together at Jim Bob and Michelle’s place to team up for a friendly gingerbread house competition. While Jeremy and Jinger couldn’t attend the event in person, they participated virtually and made their gingerbread creation at home. And they put together a gingerbread “family” showing a pregnant gingerbread woman to represent Jinger.

“We’re going to reveal to the family with a pregnant gingerbread, which will be interesting if Jinger can craft one of those,” Jeremy explained to the camera on season 11 of Counting On. “So, everybody will be doing their gingerbread competition, and they’ll turn and see a little family in front of our house.”

“We thought it would be perfect to reveal to my family about the little one on the way, and this way, just given everyone’s gonna be together, and also it would be a special way to do it, like the gingerbread theme, and … my name’s Jinger, in case you didn’t know that,” Jinger joked.

All of the Duggars are excited for another baby in the mix — including Jim Bob

Once Jinger and Jeremy made their big reveal, it took Michelle quite a few moments to understand what she was looking at. And Jeremy kept inching the completed gingerbread house and family closer to his video camera in hopes that she’d see the hints.

“Since mom wasn’t noticing right away, I took the pregnant gingerbread woman and got her closer and closer to the camera,” Jeremy explained. And finally, Michelle understood.

“Are you expecting?” Michelle exclaimed while pointing to the camera. And the couple confirmed.

From there, Jim Bob got closer to the camera to get a glimpse himself. And he then made the announcement to the rest of the household. “We’re so excited for Jinger and Jeremy, and the new baby on the way, and little Felicity is such a beautiful little girl, and so excited for them to have another one,” Jim Bob added.

“Oh, praise God,” Jim Bob said to Jinger and Jeremy. “That’s better than someone giving you a billion dollars.”

Jim Bob and Michelle would’ve had more children if they were able

Jessa Duggar explains on the show that Jinger and Jeremy’s second baby will mark Jim Bob and Michelle’s 18th grandchild. And we know that Jim Bob and Michelle would’ve had even more children if they were able. “We would love more children if God saw fit to give us more,” Michelle once said on 19 Kids and Counting.

We know Michelle actually did have a 20th child, too — but the baby was stillborn. And Michelle’s 19th child, Josie, was born at just 25 weeks, making her a micropreemie. Now, it’s Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids who will carry the torch and keep growing their families.

We’re excited for more updates on Jinger and Jeremy’s pregnancy as it progresses!

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