‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar’s Last Words to His Mother Hit Everyone in the Feels

The season finale of Counting On wasn’t an easy one for fans to get through. The episode centered around the family losing Grandma Mary Duggar, Jim Bob’s mother, and it was a very emotional episode. When Mary died back in June, the family was shocked, as her death was very unexpected. And while the whole finale was upsetting in different ways, Jim Bob’s last words to his mother hit everyone in the feels.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Mary Duggar died unexpectedly after falling in her pool

When Jim Bob received the phone call about his mother’s passing, he was shocked. Mary Duggar had just been to church with her grandchildren that morning, and nobody could believe what had happened. According to the Duggars, Mary fell into her pool and drowned; she was discovered by Jim Bob’s sister.

Michelle Duggar said that she thinks Mary’s previous strokes played a role in her death. Michelle believes Mary was having another stroke when she lost her balance and fell in; though it’s unclear exactly what happened from there, Michelle told Counting On viewers that she thinks Mary was unconscious before she drowned. Michelle then said that she prays her mother-in-law’s passing was painless.

Joe and Jinger Duggar seemed to take her loss the hardest

All of Mary’s grandchildren were upset by her passing. Jackson, the 15th Duggar child, cried as he spoke about his grandmother. And Jana Duggar sat and looked on with tears. But Joe and Jinger seemed to have the hardest time dealing with their loss. Jinger broke down while telling the camera how much she was going to miss her grandma, and Jeremy comforted her. Then, when Joe went up to the podium to speak, he broke down before he could even get a word in. Jinger also cried while delivering her grandmother’s burial outfit, and she cried again while listing to the memories of Mary at the service.

Jim Bob’s last words to his mom were hard to hear

The episode showed Mary’s family service as well as her larger service at the Duggar’s church. Family and friends went up to Mary’s casket to pay their respects. And Jim Bob was the last one to speak to her before they closed her casket for the burial. But his words stung because they were simple, yet so poignant. “Bye, Mom. I’ll see you on the other side.” It was the kind of sentence that nobody ever wants to say.  Jim Bob looked down at his mother and smiled before he turned and walked away.

Jim Bob and Michelle said Mary’s death helped them in one special way

Toward the end of the episode, Jim Bob and Michelle discussed the impact Mary had on their lives, and it turns there was one small silver lining in her death. It reminded Michelle and Jim Bob that life can be cut short at any time, and they vowed to spend as much time with their grandchildren as they could. The two shared fond memories of Mary, and if there’s anything positive to take from her loss, it’s that Michelle and Jim Bob will now hold their own grandchildren even closer.