‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Appears Unphased by Her Recent Partnership Losses

From 19 Kids and Counting to Counting On, we’ve been watching the Duggars for years — and the family has never gotten less controversial. Many criticized Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for having 19 children in the first place. And now that it’s their kids who are taking over the spotlight, they’re getting some backlash, too.

Jinger Duggar has been a fan favorite since she was a teen, and many praised her for her recent move to Los Angeles and away from the other Duggars. Unfortunately, she’s having trouble living life as an influencer because of her association with her family — though she seems unphased by recent events. Here’s what’s going on.

Jinger Duggar lost her partnership with Fonuts

It’s well-known that the Duggar women don’t work outside the home, so they instead utilize their social media profiles to promote products. That appears to be the case with Jinger as well — though it seems she did attempt to take some action outside of Instagram to become an influencer.

Recently, she partnered up with Los Angeles-based donut company, Fonuts, though the partnership didn’t last long. Jinger posted a photo of her limited-edition donut, Jingerbread, before backlash ensued. Many took to Fonuts’ social media pages to warn them they were doing business with a “bigot” due to the Duggar family’s well-known homophobic beliefs.

Fonuts issued an apology on their Instagram after pulling their partnership. “We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” the company stated. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

She also ‘canceled’ her event with Rebecca Minkoff

It seems the backlash over Fonuts may have also affected another one of Jinger’s opportunities. Jinger was set to make appearances at a Toys for Tots event with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. While Jinger may have meant well, as Toys for Tots is a valuable charity event dedicated to providing toys for kids around the holidays, it seems the Fonuts backlash may have gotten to her.

According to the Eventbrite page, the event was still going on, but Jinger was no longer helping out. “In the spirit of the holiday season, Rebecca Minkoff will still be partnering with Toys For Tots at their LA Store. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances Jinger and Jeremy will no longer be making an appearance at the event, but encourage you to donate to this great cause!” the event read.

It seems Jinger canceled this event on her own accord, but the timing is suspicious considering it was directly after the Fonuts debacle. Perhaps the backlash from her followers was getting to her.

Jinger hasn’t addressed any of the controversies

There are plenty of media outlets reporting on Jinger’s falling out with these companies, but she has yet to post about it herself. Instead of addressing the Fonuts or Rebecca Minkoff situations, she’s pulled the promotional posts from her Instagram as if they never happened. And we’re now getting more of the content we’re used to, like photos of her and her daughter, Felicity.

On Dec. 7, she posted a photo of her and Felicity playing a game together in a hotel — and this photo was posted after the PR nightmares. “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” Jinger captioned the post with no mention of Minkoff or Fonuts.

Will Jinger even own up to what occurred with the two companies, or will she continue life as if none of it ever happened? So far, it looks like she’s willing to sweep all of it under the rug (she made no mention of Homeland Security investigating her family recently, either), so we’ll have to see if this trend continues.

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