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Those who follow Counting On probably know that its newest season premiered on October 15. And it makes sense that the Duggars would tune in to their own show. But Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo had a new little fan watching this year. Felicity, their daughter, sat down (sort of) with her parents to watch the show, and she had no idea what to make of seeing her mother and father on television.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Felicity is Duggar and Vuolo’s only child

Duggar and Vuolo have been doing things a bit differently than the rest of her family members. Typically, the Duggars tend to have kids one right after the other; Jessa Duggar has had three kids in five years, and both Kendra and Joy Duggar were pregnant within one year of having their first babies (sadly, Joy Duggar miscarried). But Jinger Duggar and her husband have taken a step back when it comes to having kids; they were married in 2016, and they’ve only welcomed one child in nearly three years.

The new season highlights Duggar and Vuolo’s move to California

The newest season of Counting On premiered on October 15, and the season will follow all of the Duggars’ new adventures. Vuolo and Duggar are arguably taking the greatest adventure — they recently moved to Los Angeles, California so that Vuolo could take graduate classes. With Felicity in tow, the couple drove across the country to start their new lives. They’ve quickly become known as the most modern couple in the family, too — Duggar wears pants and tank tops, and she’s even dyed her hair. So far, they seem to be loving their new California lifestyle — Duggar has been documenting all of their exploration on social media.

Vuolo posted a hilarious video of Felicity watcher her family on TV

The Vuolo family sat down on October 15 to watch the season premiere of their show, and these days, Felicity is starting to grow old enough to understand what is going on. She recognizes her mom and dad — but when she saw them on television, she wasn’t sure what to think. “Hi daddy,” Duggar says in the background as Felicity waves at the television with a puzzled look. She then runs closer to the TV and starts yelling in excitement about seeing her parents. She can then be seen pointing to the TV and says “dada.” Duggar and Vuolo got a kick out of it.

Vuolo captured Felicity waving to the television
Vuolo captured Felicity waving to the television | Jeremy Vuolo via Instagram
Felicity points to her mom and dad
Felicity points to her mom and dad | Jeremy Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar and Vuolo seem to be taking their time with having more kids

Though it’s common among the Duggars to have many kids, Duggar and Vuolo seem to be taking their time with having a huge family. They haven’t said exactly how many kids they want, but they aren’t in a rush to expand their family. On last season’s final episode of Counting On, which was filmed at the end of 2018, Duggar and Vuolo said they’re looking forward to watching Felicity grow this year and indicated they wouldn’t be announcing a pregnancy within the coming year. They will likely have more kids eventually, but right now, they’re busy adjusting to their new life on the West Coast.