‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Just Said She Stays in Touch With the Other Duggars ‘All the Time’

When it comes to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids, Counting On fans certainly have their favorites. And there’s no doubt that Jinger Duggar has turned heads over the years. Those who follow the Duggars have long thought that Jinger would be the one to break away from the rigid family rules first — and while she’s not necessarily in rebellion from her parents’ ways, she’s definitely learning to find her own way. From her clothing style to her choice in husband to the way she’s raising her daughter, fans love following Jinger to see what she’s up to next.

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently made a huge move to Los Angeles. And fans have wondered if this caused a rift between her and her family. According to Jinger, it hasn’t at all, as she recently took to Instagram to say she speaks to her family members all the time. Here’s what she said.

Jinger Duggar moved out to Los Angeles with husband Jeremy Vuolo

While Jim Bob and Michelle, along with many of the younger kids and their unmarried children, live in the big family home in Arkansas, some of their offspring have decided to fly the coop in a big way. And Jinger Duggar made the biggest move of them all, as she ventured to the west coast with Jeremy Vuolo recently. The couple announced their decision to move to Los Angeles on their blog, too. While they were living in Laredo, Texas, they noted they decided to move to La La Land so Vuolo could pursue graduate studies at The Master’s Seminary on Grace Community Church’s campus.

Back in June, Vuolo posted a photo of their daughter surrounded by TLC camera crews to Instagram to show that the couple made their big move. And while the move was certainly an adjustment for the couple, it seems they’re both loving the opportunities presented to them. Jinger is frequently posting about new friends, new sights she’s seeing, and new foods she’s trying with her husband, too.

Many wondered if Jinger’s move caused a rift between her and her family members

Jinger Duggar and her siblings
Jinger Duggar and her siblings | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jinger and her husband seem truly happy in Los Angeles, but because she’s now so far away from her family, many fans wondered if her relocation would cause a rift. Reddit users suspected Jinger’s sisters were even jealous of her move, too. As one Reddit user wrote, “Now that I think of it, it is indeed odd that no one apart from Anna commented. It’s telling because they make sure to atleast like and comment normally [sic].”

As far as Jinger’s parents are concerned, Counting On followers also assumed Jim Bob and Michelle wouldn’t be too excited for Jinger to move, either. Michelle shut down Jinger’s desires to move to a big city in the past. And considering how sheltered the Duggar kids are, fans noted they didn’t think Jim Bob and Michelle would be too excited for Jinger to live with the freedoms of city life. “I can not imagine anyone would be happy for them moving even farther away and to one of the more liberal states in the US. No matter what JB and Michelle say publicly they sheltered their kids for a reason,” another Reddit user wrote.

Jinger just said she still stays in touch with the other Duggars

So, are the other Duggars actually being cold with Jinger now that she’s moved to the big city? It seems she still maintains a great relationship with her family despite the rumors. And there’s a ton of evidence on Jana’s Instagram that she even made the trek out to California to visit Jinger despite Jinger not adding any photos of her and her sister on the ‘gram. Not only that, but Jinger also posted a video of her and Vuolo answering fan questions — and she verified that she still keeps in touch with the other Duggars.

“I try to stay in touch with my family all the time,” Jinger said in this Q&A session. “We have a family group message and so all the kids are on there and the married spouses, and we just get on there and send everyday stuff. So pictures, videos, whatever’s going on in our lives, we send that back and forth, and then we try to FaceTime and do phone calls, text messages whenever we can. They come visit us, we come visit them every couple months.”

Jinger mentioned her siblings specifically, so we’re not sure if she keeps in touch with mom and dad as much. But it seems she and the Duggars talk a lot more than any of us suspected. Perhaps in the next season of Counting On, we’ll get to see those interactions.

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