‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Made It Clear She’s Not Currently Pregnant

There are plenty of famous families on reality TV, but the Duggars have proven they’re here to stay. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar introduced their huge family to the world over a decade ago, and now, it’s their kids taking the reigns on TLC’s Counting On. And one fan favorite from the family is Jinger Duggar.

Fans have long thought that Jinger was the one member of the Duggar family who would break away from the pack completely. While she still follows her family’s Christian faith and lives quite a conservative lifestyle, she has made some major leaps, like moving to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. And while the couple has one child, Felicity, Jinger seems to have made it quite clear on the show that she’s not yet ready for another.

Here’s what Jinger said on Counting On that reassured everyone she’s not pregnant with baby No. 2.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have said in the past that they want a number of kids

Michelle and Jim Bob have 19 children with the youngest being 9 years old and the oldest being 31. While many have judged them for having so many children, Michelle and Jim Bob have said before that they wanted to leave it up to God in regards to how many kids they’d have. And from what their married kids have said, it seems many of the Duggars have adopted this mindset.

We’ve heard many of the Duggar kids talk about how they also hope to have as many children as God will provide them with, and Jinger and Jeremy seem to align with this thinking. Romper notes Jeremy told Us Weekly after he just married Jinger, “I definitely want to have children, but not sure how many. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides.”

It’s been suspected that the couple uses contraception

Jinger and Jeremy have a sweet daughter, Felicity, who frequently makes appearances on Counting On and on both Jinger and Jeremy’s Instagrams. But many have questioned when the couple will have another child, as Felicity is almost 2 years old.

Could it be possible that Jinger uses birth control or any other form of contraception? In Touch Weekly reminds us Jinger didn’t get pregnant until eight months after her marriage. And while many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids most likely use some form of birth control, we can’t forget that Michelle is totally against it.

Michelle has talked about how she’s anti-contraception in the past, as she believes oral birth control led to a miscarriage after Josh Duggar was born. We’re not sure how she feels about her kids possibly taking measures to prevent pregnancy, either.

Jinger told the cameras that she’s not pregnant

With so many Duggar pregnancies this past year, all eyes have been on Jinger to see if she could be one of them. On this season of Counting On, however, she seemed to tell the cameras that pregnancy is not in the works.

On the show, Jinger talked to the cameras about her move to Los Angeles. “Growing up, I always had a lot of land around, I loved running on it. So, it is going to be a challenge to raise kids in an apartment.”

To that, the cameraman asked, “Wait, you said ‘kids.'”

Jinger then quickly answered, “Kid. I’m just assuming … I’m not … I’m not making an announcement, I was just assuming that … if we have more kids while we’re out there …. Yeah, that was not an announcement, by the way.” She then finished by rolling her eyes.

Could there be a hidden message in what Jinger had to say? She seemed genuine in her answer that she wasn’t trying to make any announcements regarding future children, so we’ll believe her — for now!

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