‘Counting On’ Viewers Think Jinger Duggar Is ‘Masking A Lot of Negative Feelings’

Jinger Duggar has long been one of the favorites on Counting On. But over the years, some of the show’s viewers have felt like they’ve seen a change in her. Now, some think she’s covering up “negative” feelings in her marriage as she prepares for her and husband Jeremy Vuolo’s second child.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Jinger Duggar was head over heels for Jeremy Vuolo when they met

Duggar and Vuolo were introduced back in 2016 after Jessa and Ben Seewald met Vuolo while visiting Texas. They invited Vuolo to come visit them in Arkansas, where he and Duggar quickly realized they had a connection. Though Vuolo lived in Texas during the couple’s courtship, he often made trips out to Arkansas to spend time with Duggar.

Duggar fell in love with Vuolo quickly; she had never been in a relationship (or courtship) before, and it was clear she was smitten. But some think her lack of experience with getting to know different men affected her feelings for Vuolo.

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Viewers think Duggar married far too young

The Duggar kids are not allowed to date; they can only court with the intention of marrying. And some think that Duggar fell for Vuolo far too quickly. She was only 22 when they wed, and she had never courted anyone prior. Viewers have discussed that Duggar’s lack of romantic experience might have had her confusing a childhood crush for a life partner.

Duggar and Vuolo had a short engagement and were married within a year of being introduced, leaving some to question how she would have felt about Vuolo if she had courted him for a longer period of time.

Some are convinced Duggar is ‘masking’ negative feelings about her marriage

Viewers of the show occasionally take to Reddit to discuss their opinions about specific cast members. And recently, Duggar’s relationship with Vuolo became a topic of conversation, with some suggesting she’s been “masking a lot of negative feelings” since marrying the former soccer player.

“Everything she’s done since she met Jeremy has felt fake to me, like she’s acting how she thinks a fiancé/wife should act, not how she would naturally act,” someone wrote. “I still feel bad for Jinger,” someone else said, suggesting she’d be much different if she’d been raised outside of her strict family. “She grew up in a home where feelings weren’t allowed… I do think it’s trauma from her childhood,” another person added.

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Duggar and Vuolo have never hinted they aren’t happy

Though viewers have talked about Duggar’s feelings being “fake” and that she isn’t herself anymore, that is only speculation and doesn’t come with any hard proof. Duggar and Vuolo often shout their love for each other on social media, and it’s hard to argue that they aren’t happy together unless there are some hints in tone and body language. It’s likely that even if Duggar and Vuolo were struggling behind the scenes, they wouldn’t be open about it. Still, the couple seems thrilled to welcome their second baby in the fall, and neither has ever vocally hinted at marriage problems.