‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar’s Recent Photo Shows the Stark Differences In Her and Jana Duggar’s Lifestyles

Jinger Duggar and her sister Jana have always been close. Jana recently visited Jinger out in California alongside the rest of the Duggar family, though most of the adult Duggars didn’t make the trip. It allowed Jinger and Jana to spend even more bonding time together, and Jinger recently posted a loving photo with her sister. But seeing the women side-by-side made it clear that they live two very different lives.

Some of the Duggar sisters
Jinger Duggar, second from left, lives very differently from Jana (far right). | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Jinger has become the most modern member of her family

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo back in November 2016, and ever since, she’s been changing the way she lives her life. Growing up, Jinger wasn’t allowed to wear pants or tank tops and did very few things that didn’t involve religion. Today, she’s traded in her denim skirts for denims jeans, and she sports cute tank tops, shoes, and dresses that are much more modern than what most family members wear. Jinger also has a television in her house, which the Duggars were raised without, and she tends to do things with her family that don’t always involve religion, including attending sporting events and spending the day at the aquarium.

Despite her different convictions, Jinger has always remained close with her sisters

Jinger’s convictions started to change once she entered into marriage and moved away from her family. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children with certain “convictions,” or beliefs that God wanted their kids to dress and behave certain way. The daughters only wore denim skirts, and the kids weren’t allowed to have any real intimacy until marriage. But when Jinger wed Jeremy, she changed her own beliefs a bit. She started wearing pants and tank tops — and now even wears shorts. She does things differently than her siblings do, though despite those differences, she’s always remained close with her family.

On a recent episode of Counting On, Michelle made it clear that she is fine with Jinger having different convictions from the rest of the family.

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Jinger Duggar now wears pants, tank tops, and sometimes shorts.

A recent photo with Jana shows the two women have very different lifestyles

Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter and still lives under her parents’ roof, which means she still follows all of their rules. And when Jana and Jinger posed for a photo next to each other, their stark lifestyle differences became clear. In the photo, Jana is wearing a dress that hits at knee length — a Duggar staple. She isn’t wearing any wild nail polish, and her hair is the same natural color and style it has always been. But in contrast, Jinger Duggar’s look is completely different. Though the two are “matching,” Jinger is wearing dark skinny jeans complete with blue nail polish and bleach blonde, ombre hair.

Both ladies are wearing some variation of black with denim, though Jinger’s modern look clearly shows she lives a totally different life from her older sister. And when Jinger’s family came to town, she actually dressed more conservatively than usual — likely because she still respects her parents’ rules, despite living her own life.