‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Says She and Husband Jeremy Vuolo Don’t Argue

Fans have been keeping up with the Duggars since the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids were just teens, and it’s hard to believe that even the youngest, Josie, is 9 years old. Not only have the kids grown up fast, but many of them have chosen alternative life paths that no one ever expected. And Jinger Duggar is seemingly living her best life in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger moving to the west coast is the furthest any Duggar has gone for a permanent move. And fans frequently ask her questions about her move, her California life, and her marriage. She recently took to Instagram with Vuolo to answer some fan questions, too — and according to her, she and her husband never even argue. Here’s what Jinger just said.

Jinger Duggar once thought Jeremy Vuolo would never be interested in her

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Jinger and her husband seem to have one of the healthiest relationships of any of the Duggars. But when they first met through Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, it seems Jinger had her doubts that Vuolo would have any interest. On Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Behind the Scenes podcast, Jinger said, “I knew he was an awesome, awesome guy, but I was like ‘he’d never be interested in me, that’s for sure.'” After spending time together on a mission trip, however, she knew that Vuolo was her perfect match and exactly what she wanted in a spouse.

As for Vuolo, it seems he had similar feelings as Jinger. As he laughed and explained on the podcast, “She says, ‘Well, he would never be interested in me,’ and I reciprocated that. I thought, ‘She’s never going to be interested in me’ … but I believe in a big God who can change hearts so I thought I’d pray anyway.”

While both Jinger and Vuolo are certainly christ-like, there was plenty of controversy surrounding their courtship, however. We can’t forget that they had a full-frontal hug when they got engaged, which is a big no-no according to Jim Bob and Michelle. And it looks like they may be a bit more lenient on the strict rules with their daughter, too.

Jinger frequently posts about how much she loves her husband

It seems Jinger loves her husband just as much now as she did when she courted him. They both frequently post about each other on social media. As Jinger captioned this recent Instagram post of her, Jeremy, and Felicity, “God has been so kind in giving me the most incredible husband in the world! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love & adore him.” She then went on to describe Vuolo as “selfless, kind, fun, caring, humorous sensitive, strong, loving, compassionate, always serving his family, and loving Christ supremely.”

The post is definitely sweet and speaks volumes about how much Jinger appreciates her man. But it still left fans questioning their relationship. As one Reddit user commented about the post, “Usually when people (women) fish like this on social media they are overcompensating … Jinger spends a lot of time convincing herself and others that her life is so godly and god given and god blessed and god centred etc etc [sic].” And another added, “Yep. Happy couples don’t bend over backwards on social media to tell people how happy they are.”

She also noted they never have arguments during a Q&A

Is Jinger’s marriage as perfect as it seems? According to her recent Q&A she held with Vuolo, it seems it might be. The question from a fan was, “Do you guys ever have a disagreement? How do you work through them?” And Jinger answered, “Like any couple, you’ll have things you disagree on, but I don’t feel like we’ve had major disagreements, or arguments, or anything. We haven’t had arguments.” As for how they settle the minor disagreements, Jinger noted it’s important to “think of the other person before yourself.” “That’s what marriage is — you’re giving and seeking to serve the other person.”

It’s completely normal, and healthy, for couples to argue from time to time. But it seems the Duggars would rather come to an understanding than have a severe disagreement of any kind. Jinger and Jeremy have only been married for a little less than three years, however, so there are plenty more years ahead of them for potential quarrels!

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