‘Counting On’: Jinger Vuolo Hasn’t Been Dressing Like a Duggar Lately, But Is Her Mom Really Mad?

Even though many of the Duggar kids are grown up with families of their own now, they still (mostly) stick to the rules their parents taught them. Their unique upbringing in a family of 19 children plus stricter-than-average rules must have really made an impression on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s offspring.

But you know what they say about rules that are meant to be broken. Even though most Duggar couples adhere to the instruction their parents provided, some members of the family are more rebellious than others, especially when it comes to how they dress.

Jinger Vuolo is turning heads by wearing outfits that some Counting On fans see as quite revealing compared to how the rest of the family dresses.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are acting quite differently in California

The Vuolos shocked Duggar fans earlier this year when they announced their intention to leave Texas and move their family to Los Angeles, the least Duggar-like place on Earth. Though some people warned that the religious, conservative Vuolos would hate ultra-liberal California, it turns out their new home is rubbing off on them.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are making the most of their time in California. The couple posts frequent updates to their Instagram account, showing their daughter Felicity enjoying various outdoor activities like checking out rides, festivals, restaurants, and sporting events. It’s clear these Cali transplants are keeping busy.

Jinger Vuolo is quietly changing her appearance

Before the Vuolos left for LA, Jinger delighted fans by changing her hairstyle. Her signature long, dark locks were transformed into a buttery blonde mane that looked perfect for the Golden State.

And now that Jinger Duggar is firmly situated in her new home, she’s starting to dress differently, too. Duggar family fans were surprised recently when Jinger shared a photo of herself wearing a sleeveless shirt while in Florida with her sisters, which is a huge Duggar family no-no.

Fans were very supportive of her new look. “Jinger, I’m loving your new wardrobe/tank top,” one person commented. “Keep the blonde hair and jeans,” another one said. “It makes you look so stylish and beautiful. Didn’t think you could get more beautiful than you were before but…you have.” 

Jinger isn’t the only Duggar kid to break protocol, either. Fans were equally shocked to see Jill Dillard posing in a tank top and shorts, which were both expressly forbidden when the kids lived at home.

Does Michelle Duggar approve of Jinger Vuolo’s new look?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t try to control their adult children’s lives, but surely they do hope the life lessons they imparted don’t disappear. And there’s a good chance the family matriarch isn’t thrilled about Jinger’s recent fashion choices.

The newest Counting On trailer shows an interaction between mother and daughter that might provide insight into how Michelle Duggar feels about Jinger ditching modesty rules. In the clip, producers say: “There is a lot in the media saying there is conflict between you guys about your choice to wear pants. Is there conflict?” Michelle’s answer isn’t given, but there is footage of Jinger getting emotional discussing the topic of clothing.

We’ll have to wait until next season to see if Jinger Vuolo’s wardrobe is really causing Michelle Duggar stress. In the meantime, we can’t wait to see the fun adventures the Vuolo family has next!